How Betty Crocker’s Party Book Inspired Me

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Betty Crockers Party Book 3Books have always inspired me—to use my imagination to travel to different lands and times, to become different people with different skills and thoughts. Books challenged me and helped me grow. Since I am very visual, I loved books with pictures showing how to make things. I have many favorites, but there is one very special book, which belonged to my mother, that I hold as a dear friend: Betty Crocker’s Party Book!



Betty Crockers Party Book CinderellaThis book inspired my life-long love of party-giving! When I was in the second grade, my mother used the Cinderella party plan described in this book for my ninth birthday. I learned to spell the word Wednesday from copying it so many times for my hand-written invitations. Momma made me a pink princess dress to wear. She even made one for my doll to wear as the fairy godmother to stand by my pumpkin cake as a party table centerpiece. Check out our silver crowns and dress-up jewelry!


Betty Crockers Party Book luauI was so thrilled with this birthday party that I began to study the pages of this book whenever I had time and to dream of other parties we could give using its ideas. Betty Crocker had plans for themed boys’ and girls’ birthday parties, adult parties, family holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter and more. I especially remember thinking that the luau party pictured here was really special. I thought the real coconuts and pineapple menu items were so neat! Much later, my excitement at doing a luau wedding reception for a friend’s son stemmed from studying this party plan.


Although I have since added many, many party books to my collection, Betty Crocker’s Party Book is still my first favorite. Even with its pages falling out, it still has many usable ideas. It has even been reissued and is available at


So, thank you, Betty Crocker, for leading me into party planning—of inspiring my love of interesting tablescapes, special party foods and activities to make an occasion even more special! Perhaps the party ideas I will be sharing on this blog will inspire someone else’s love of making special times even more so!

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