DIY Project: How to Make Halloween Party Favors

How to Make Halloween Party Favors 1

Halloween and its celebrations usually feature candy as the desired treat. Want to surprise the children at your party with something special that doesn’t spotlight candy? Learn how to make Halloween party favors that are super simple and inexpensive. These party favor balls also extend the evening’s excitement since the guests have to unravel the balls to get to the prizes hidden inside.Supplies you will need:

  • Several rolls of crepe paper streamers–orange, black, white, orange/black–number of rolls needed is determined by the number of guests you are having and how tightly you wrap your favor balls–you should be able to get 3-4 favor balls or more out of an average-sized roll of crepe paper streamers.
  • Assortment of inexpensive Halloween trinkets or toys–spider or monster rings, eyeball super-balls, Halloween erasers, stencils–anything you think your guests would like–five to seven prizes per ball is plenty.*
  • Assortment of ribbons, lace, trimmings or yarn in Halloween colors to decorate the outside of the favor balls–you may find these in your own sewing basket or may be able to raid a friend’s–assortment packages are also available at fabric or craft stores
  • Assortment of Halloween stickers or craft foam Halloween shapes to decorate the outside of the favor balls.
  • Invisible tape, glue stick or hot glue gun to attach decorations.
  • * You can also make these Halloween favor balls for adults–you will just want to have a different assortment of trinkets! You should be able to find lots of children’s or adult prizes at your local dollar, discount or party stor

To make this easy Halloween party favor, you choose a larger trinket to be at the center of your favor and begin wrapping it with crepe paper. Vary the directions of your wrapping so all sides get covered. As you wrap, add in another trinket and wrap, and so on, until you have run out of prizes, crepe paper or have achieved the size ball you want.

These favors are not perfectly round–they are a bit oblong and lumpy–but the lumps are the fun parts–the prizes inside!

There is no right or wrong way to decorate your favors–just make random designs with your ribbons or trim. You can layer and overlap your trims. You can have the loose ends hidden on the bottom where they don’t show or on the top where you can cover them with a sticker or foam shape. You can use tape or glue to attach these trims and decorative pieces.

You may want to display the favors to encourage guest excitement about unraveling them. They make a colorful table centerpiece when placed in a footed glass bowl or on a raised platter or cake-stand.
How to Make Halloween Party Favors 8

If you are having a sit-down dinner with family or friends, you could save the unraveling of the favors until just before or after dessert. It is fun to have only one or two guests open theirs at a time so everyone can see what prizes they find.

Here’s to a hauntingly happy Halloween where your easy-to-make favor balls are the hit of the party!

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