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GooGone-4ozDon’t you just hate those stubborn price stickers that mar the packages of gift items you buy? Have you broken a nail trying to scratch those stickers or bits of tape off things? Or have you messed up the cover of a book or the packaging on a purchase while trying to remove the promotional stickers?

Well, if you haven’t had these experiences before, with the Christmas shopping season already underway, you may encounter these frustrations very soon.

But, never fear–I have a solution that will save your nails as well as your sanity, and you won’t soon forget its funny name–Goo-Gone!

For over ten years, I have simplified my life by keeping a bottle of citrus-scented Goo-Gone under a sink both upstairs and downstairs. Hardly a week goes by that I don’t reach for one of the bottles to work its special magic for me.

Melted candle wax, crayon marks, chewing gum, lipstick, grease, tar, sap and other gummy messes–Goo-Gone works on these problems you may encounter at home or even at work.

Goo Gone is safe to use on almost any surface: plastic, metal, tools, tile, glass, brick, appliances, wood, ceramic, automobiles, hardwood, floors, fiberglass, boats, carpet, upholstery, equipment, furniture and clothing (but not on leather, silk or suede).

I love this product so much that I put travel-size bottles in the Christmas stockings of my two sons and daughter-in-law two years ago. My younger son, looking as if I had lost my mind to include this as a stocking stuffer, held up his little bottle and said, “Why, Mom?”  I said, “Because I use Goo-Gone at least once a week, and I bet if you would try this, you might, too, David!”

When I looked on while writing this post, I learned that this company also makes other products for kitchen, caulk and grout, paint, grill/outdoor and automotive/garage clean-up. Maybe I will put one or two of these in my own Christmas stocking this year!

I’m ga-ga for Goo-Gone!

This recommendation is totally my own–I have not been paid or compensated by this company to share this opinion.




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