Party Pointer: Table Runner Ideas, Part 2

Table runners down the center of long tables can be most impressive because of the color, texture and visual interest they add. Week before last, I wrote about what to consider in buying fabric table runners, and last week, I shared photos of different kinds of table runners you might make at home. This week, we’ll look at some other table runner ideas that are easy to put together. Here we go!



In the Thanksgiving dinner photo above, magnolia leaves, pine-cones, and pheasant feathers made a striking runner with two candles in hurricanes. The place-mats are made of scrapbook paper sheets that go with the cloth napkins.




For the bon voyage table above, I used pictures of foreign landmarks, all cut from the same calendar–hence, they were all the same size. I alternated the direction of the pictures, so the guests on each side of the table could see some of them. Scrapbook paper with travel words as the text were the place-mats.



The nautical tablescape above has a runner made of a nautical flag jointed cardboard banner from a party store. I folded the banner in half and laid it flat down the center of the table. I used a strip of red ribbon to cover where the two halves overlapped.



The runner on the Independence Day table above is made with red-and-white mints, as well as with patriotic Tootsie Rolls and Conversation Hearts, for a very fun family table. Guests can nibble at the candy in the runner while they are waiting for dinner.



Orange and red day-lilies from the yard made a very striking runner on the summer luncheon table pictured above. The lilies are in small footed bowls which keep the flowers low enough to prevent obstructing the luncheon guests’ view of each other.




In the spring tablescape above, cute foam flowers in matching glass bud vases and foam sheets in between create a bright, cheery runner for a Mother’s Day lunch with all the grandchildren.



The tablescape pictured above is one of my very favorites.  When a friend gave me and all of my co-workers these angel lights from Ikea last Christmas, I immediately envisioned borrowing them all to make a wonderfully simplistic runner on a table in all white, except for the live greenery.

If you have long tables to decorate, the striking look of runners and the repetition of decorative elements can make your tablescapes for family and friends easy to create. Try some of these table runner ideas yourself!

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