DIY Project: Thanksgiving Craft Idea


Will you have children underfoot as you try to prepare your big Thanksgiving dinner, or do you think that you need to have some activities to keep the children and grandchildren busy after dinner while you’re visiting with the adults? If so, you may want to have an easy Thanksgiving craft idea ready to use!




These easy paper cup turkeys might be just the thing to keep your children occupied in a creative and fun way!





Here’s all you need:

  • brown paper cups, one for each turkey you intend to make
  • large brown, tan or black pom-poms, one for each turkey
  • medium-size google eyes, a pair for each turkey
  • a bag of medium-sized feathers in reds, oranges, yellows and browns, your choice of how many to use per turkey
  • 1 sheet of red and 1 sheet of orange felt or craft foam from which to cut a beak and waddle for each turkey
  • Scissors to use to cut beak and waddle for each turkey
  • Craft glue to glue pom-pom for head to cup, tail feathers to cup, and eyes, beak and waddle to pom-pom for each turkey





It is best to make sure that the seam of the cup is on the backside of the turkey. You might advise the children to glue the tail feathers where the cup’s seam is. Note on the turkey in the photo above that the seam is to the front–it doesn’t ruin the look of the cute turkey, but it would have looked better with the seam in the back.




These Thanksgiving craft turkeys could be made before dinner to be used as decorative favors–a small zip-lock bag of candy harvest mix could be placed inside the cup and tape strips placed across the bottom of the cup so the candy won’t fall out. The turkeys can also be used as special place-cards for each guest. The guest’s name can be written on the brown cup with a black marker on the front side of the turkey.



This is a fun easy Thanksgiving craft turkey that can brighten the celebration for everyone who sees them! The fellow in the photo above just makes me laugh every time I look at his crossed google eyes! My thanks to the children who made these samples–you all are very creative!



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