DIY Project: Mason Jar Craft


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Mason jars have been household staples for decades–but these humble glass containers are enjoying an true resurgence in popularity. You see them used as drinking glasses, candle-holders, food containers. Mason jars are now being made in colors, in plastic, and with handles.  You even see them used in their original incarnation as containers for fruits and vegetables gardeners may be canning.

If you have Mason jars, you usually have metal lids and tops to go with them. I found a number of extra lids in my craft supplies recently and decided to use them for the simplest of Mason jar craft projects–Mason jar lid refrigerator magnets!


Mason Jar Top Magnets 7


As you can see in the picture, I had medium and small lids to use, and all I did was find a circle template the same same as the interior of the top of the lid, and draw these circles on some coordinated print scrapbook papers I had.

You may want to choose paper that coordinates with your kitchen color scheme or you might want to use seasonal papers so you will have magnets for different holidays. With Christmas coming, these can also be used as great little remembrance gifts for friends and family members.

I cut out these circles and glued the circles onto the lids. I used rubber cement, but a glue stick would work as well. Be sure to put glue on the edges of the circles and press down the edges all around so the paper won’t pop up.


Mason Jar Top Magnets 3


Then turn the lids over to the white side and add a strip of adhesive-backed magnet tape. You can use scissors to cut the strip to be the length you want. Pull off the paper covering the adhesive backing on the magnet strip, and press it down on the lid. You may want to add two strips for extra strength. A roll of magnet tape is available at most craft stores for about $3.

You can also use individual magnets that have adhesive backings or need to be glued on as extra insurance that they don’t pop off the metal Mason jar lids.

You could obviously jazz up your magnets with tiny scrapbooking trinkets or glue on photos of your loved ones. After all, pictures are what many of us display on our refrigerator doors, and if you have lots of pictures like I do, you need lots of magnets.


Mason Jar Top Magnets 6


This simple project might be a great one to do with your children or grandchildren on a cold or rainy day. If you don’t have extra lids you are not using, they are available wherever canning supplies are sold–hardware, grocery and discount stores. You might want to keep some on hand, along with some magnet tape.

The children could draw their own pictures to decorate the magnets for use at home or as gifts for family. You may want to use adhesive-backed peel-and-stick white vinyl paper that comes on a roll, found at hardware, grocery and discount stores. The advantages to this is that you don’t have to deal with glue; marker colors show up nicely on the vinyl; it resists water if the magnet gets wet; and its edges don’t pop up.


Mason Jar Top Magnets 2


What an easy and practical Mason jar craft!

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