Tablescape: New Years Eve Centerpiece Ideas

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New Year’s Eve is a holiday on which many people assume everyone else is celebrating in a big way, going out to glitzy fancy parties, dancing, drinking and going all out.
Those who are not going to those kind of parties are often embarrassed to say they don’t have dates or that their spouses don’t want to join the late-night partying. Some folks don’t have the money to spend for that kind of big evening or can’t get a babysitter. Some folks just like staying home.


But you can bring in the new year at home in a smaller way which can be just as festive and fun as a big party. The intimacy of a small dinner party for just a few friends or your family can be a wonderful way to say goodbye to one year and hello to the next. Check out some New Years Eve centerpiece ideas, so you can set a pretty table to get in the mood and to enjoy while you eat.




For this dinner party tablescape, I used Fitz and Floyd Rondolet dishes in gray with a gray plaid cotton tablecloth and matching napkins from Target several years ago. The tablecloth has silver and gold threads creating the plaid, so I decided to pick up on the silver and gold as my accent colors to go with the gray. I used gold and silver chargers from A. C. Moore under the dinner plates to make them look more special. Some of my photos have silver chargers and some have gold–I wanted you to see that you can choose what you like best.
The napkin is done up in a traditional pyramid fold. I tucked in a silver glitter star into the fold just for fun and to repeat the star motif of the white star candles on the silver silver candle-holders on the table. The silver glitter stars were sold as gift tags for Christmas, but I use them all year because I love stars!


For a fun centerpiece that looks elaborate but is actually very easy to make, I began with a large clear glass footed compote bowl. I found mine at the Goodwill for less than $5; you could also use a footed trifle bowl or a glass salad bowl set on a glass cake stand. I placed a medium-sized drinking glass in the center of the bowl in which I then placed a number of silver and gold paper horns (with the blowing tips in the bottom of the glass).


Then I put some silver and gold Mylar shreds which are sold as gift-bag filler at the base of glass and filling the base of the compote bowl. You might even have some left from Christmas gifts! Then I stuck in around the glass two different kinds of noisemakers, available from a dollar, drug or discount store.
Lastly, I placed more silver glitter stars and some small silver masks I had bought many, many years ago. You could certainly use other accessories in your centerpiece instead of the masks and stars–whatever you get in your color scheme will work!


The best part of this centerpiece is that when it’s almost midnight, you can pass the compote bowl around to your guests so each of them can select a horn and a noisemaker with which to celebrate. Ancient peoples used to believe that noise would scare away evil spirits and that’s why noisemakers are part of our modern New Year’s parties.


So as the old year is leaving, set the tone for the coming of the new one with your special friends or family–make it elegant but easy!

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