Tablescape: Snowman Table Decorations

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Snow holds a fascination for those of us who live in the more temperate areas of the country–we don’t get a lot of it, so we can remain excited about the prospect of it falling and leaving us with a winter wonderland to look upon.  Snowmen are also part of that fascination, because if we get snow, we don’t often get enough to make good snowmen. So snowman table decorations are definitely fun to use in our home for winter to remind us of the joy of snow (while we stay warm and unbothered by the need to clear sidewalks or streets).



In my kitchen, I use a black-and-white color scheme every day because I find it so versatile to use with the colors of the various holidays. I like to use my black-and-white-checked placemats with different color schemes to show how you can create a seasonal look with your basic look.



When I created this tablescape to use in the month of January, I began with my white Martha Stewart Bistro dinner plates with the black-and-white-checked border.  These were purchased at K-Mart a number of years ago. I  then added my red, white and black snowman dessert plates, bought at CVS several Christmases ago.  Later I added my black chargers to increase the depth of color and layering to the placesetting. I also switched out white napkins for black and white plaid napkins.



To the center space left on the table, I used an extremely adaptable black metal s-shape candle holder with white pillar candles. I added mini-marshmallows for snow and used several white fabric snowmen I found after Christmas at a craft store.

But I felt the tablescape needed a bit more color, so I added strips of red ribbon with a white snow design on the candles. I cut the strips of ribbon and used short straight pins to attach them to the candles. You could also glue the ribbons on if you like, but the pins allow you to remove the ribbons to change them for a different look.





You could certainly jazz up this centerpiece with red scarves or little black hats for the snowman figures or add red-handled cutlery.  I liked my snowmen plain to look like the snowman on the dessert plate, although a little red-and-white striped ribbon scarf would be a nice extra.




I hope you can see from this discussion that, like a snowman, tablescapes are “built.” Your original concept may not work as you anticipated, and you may have to adapt it by adding items or subtracting some. You may need to “live” with a tablescape for a bit to see how you like it or to see if changing it will make it better.  Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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