Tablescape: Easter Table Decorations

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Easter is one of the few holidays in the first half of the year that many people celebrate with a big formal meal. Some do an Easter breakfast or brunch. Others do a luncheon or dinner. But many want to dress up their table for the occasion.  So here are a few Easter table decorations that may serve as inspiration for your Easter tablescapes.


My large family always gathers at my parents’ home for Easter lunch, and over the years, we have grown to need three tables instead of just the large dining room table. That also mean we use three different sets of dishes with different colors. So as much as is possible, I try to create tablescapes that blend with the dishes at the individual tables.
In the dining room, we use my grandmother’s china, Spring Violets by Rossetti, which is white with little violets in the pattern. So I knew I wanted to use purples and lavenders in my centerpiece. I decided to go with a spring theme using a rustic twig basket for flowers. This makes an interesting contrast with the more formal dishes.


I went to our local nursery with my basket and bought small pots with purple and yellow pansies and white alyssum to fit in the basket. I filled in the bare spots between the pots with Spanish moss. Then I added several silk butterflies from Michaels for accent color and because they symbolize the coming spring. When our meal is over, I can plant the pots of flowers in the yard.
I added other small twig items like little bee skeeps and bird’s nests with pastel-colored little faux bird’s eggs scattered along the length of the table. I like my tablescapes to fill the length of a long table instead of being confined just to the center. You want all the guests at the table to feel that the table decorations were there for them, even if they are sitting at the far ends of the table.


The kitchen table we usually designate as seating for parents with small children, so I decided to do a tablescape that was kid-friendly and fun. I used a stuffed Easter rabbit with a twig wheelbarrow and colored plastic eggs to appeal to the children.


We used Spode Marlborough Sprays dishes which are white with deep pink accents and a bouquet of spring flowers in the center design. The bouquet also has yellow in it so I used a few sprigs of forsythia around the wheelbarrow, and each place setting has a yellow narcissus next to the fork.


Note that not all over the eggs are in the wheelbarrow–eggs are positioned randomly around the wheelbarrow which gives the tablescape a more natural look. Also, notice the little bean-bag Easter bunnies in yellow and white at each place setting. I found these at Big Lots a few years ago, and the children loved them.


We usually seat the teenagers together at the smaller table in the Florida room next to the kitchen. The dishes on this table are Wedgwood Williamsburg Potpourri.There is not much room on the table for decorations, but I made a small centerpiece so our young adults wouldn’t feel left out.



My mother had two yellow metal chick figures so I used them on top of a bed of green Easter grass with a few pastel-colored plastic eggs. They are very cheery, and I added more of the bean-bag bunnies at the place-settings. Teenagers frequently like to act like they are too cool for those kind of touches, but they really aren’t.


Easter table decorations should make your guests feel good when they see them on this special day. You can go with a natural spring flower approach or use seasonal icons like bunnies, chicks or eggs. Use your imagination, and you will be able to create a festive tablescape to brighten your special Easter meal!

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