DIY Project: St Patricks Wreath

St. Patrick's Wreath 15

I am in the mood to create a little “luck” for my house–after an unusually cold and snowy winter and burst pipes that left me with a real mess, I need an Irish blessing to bring springtime’s warmth into my life and home. So I decided to create a St Patricks wreath to hang on my front door and to remind me that good times are coming soon.


St. Patrick's Wreath 1

Here are the supplies you need:

  • One twelve-inch wire wreath frame—about $2.50, available in craft or floral supply stores
  • Two types of ribbon, at least 10 feet in length—I chose to use the green-striped burlap ribbon and the green-chevron print burlap ribbon seen above because I had them on hand. The green burlap ribbon will be saved for another occasion. But I definitely recommend that you use ribbon that is less than five inches wide because these stiff five-inch ribbons of mine were a bit unwieldly to wrap on the wreath form and from which to create a bow. Check your favorite craft or fabric store for your choice of ribbon.
  • One St. Patrick’s Day decoration—I used a green wooden shamrock from the Christmas Tree Shops which cost less than $2 last year, but you could use a seasonal decorative item of your choice from a craft or dollar store
  • Four green chenille stems—about $1 per package, available in craft or floral supply stores
  • Hot glue gun, large T-pins


St. Patrick's Wreath 2

I pinned the green-striped ribbon on the wreath form with a T-pin to hold it in place before I glued it in place with the hot glue gun. After the glue was set, I began wrapping the wreath form with the ribbon, pulling the ribbon as taut  as possible.


St. Patrick's Wreath 3


As you can see, a thinner, more flexible ribbon would probably have done better than this wider ribbon I used. My finished wreath form is a bit lumpy, but I persevered.


St. Patrick's Wreath 4

Once the ribbon was wrapped around the wreath form, I pinned the end of the ten-foot length of ribbon, adjusted the ribbon evenly around the form and glued the end with the glue gun.


St. Patrick's Wreath 5

Be certain to attach one of the green chenille stems around the wreath form to be used as the wreath hanger. Twist the ends of the stem together, and position the loop in place at the top of the wreath.


St. Patrick's Wreath 6


I decided to use the green-chevron burlap ribbon to be a bold contrast to the subtle green-striped ribbon.  I made a bow using a green chenille stem to secure the bow loops together. Then I used another chenille stem to attach the bow to the wreath form and twisted the ends together around the back of the wreath. I trimmed the ends of the ribbon in points.


St. Patrick's Wreath 7

I threaded the third chenille stem through the wooden shamrock so I could attach it to the wreath. You could attach the last chenille stem  to the end of the third stem if you need to lengthen the loop to make the decoration hang in the right position below the bow.


St. Patrick's Wreath 8


So, in about twenty minutes, you can create a bright cheery decoration to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. You could also find a spring seasonal decoration to use in place of the Irish one after March 17 on the same wrapped wreath form.

May you find the luck of the Irish this season!


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