Tablescape: Easter Dinner Table Decorations

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Easter Dinner Table Decor 3
If you are planning a special Easter dinner for your family and friends this coming Sunday, you are  already thinking about how to set your table for the occasion. Thinking about the Easter dinner table decorations before Saturday night gives you a chance to come up with an attractive tablescape that blends with your dining area, linens and china while speaking to the season.
Easter Dinner Table Decor 1
This tablescape is especially appropriate for families who wish to celebrate the religious aspect of the holiday. The two wooden crosses that say “Easter Blessings” were bought at Big Lots last year. However, you could use a different kind of seasonal decorations in place of the crosses for the same look. You could also use taper or pillar candles in candlesticks as the taller items in your tablescape if your dinner is held at night instead of in the middle of the day.
Easter Dinner Table Decor 2
At the base of your seasonal decoration, you can layer real or silk flowers. I used white and pink azaleas from my yard and several pink stargazer lilies from the grocery. Lilies are traditionally associated with the Easter season and add a sophisticated look and deeper color to the arrangement. I also added a few pink faux eggs throughout as a tie-in to Easter because the symbolism of new life and the tradition of Easter eggs.

You can see from the overview of the table above that I have created a longer table centerpiece to fill the middle of my oblong table for six.  If your table is smaller, you could create the same look with one seasonal decoration and flowers around it.

I used a white tablecloth which is always appropriate and works with most dishes and color schemes. It is also the traditional color for formal dinners. I used silver chargers, available at most craft and home goods stores, which go with the Chantilly silverware and adds a bit of formality. My white china is 10 Strawberry Street.
If you are thinking about buying china, chargers or linens to set your table for this occasion, consider the other occasions for which you entertain at home. Try to select a color or style that will be usable for multiple seasons or holidays, as well as looking good in your dining area. There are so many options from which to choose in the marketplace, but you want whatever you select to be versatile.

I love cloth napkins, so the pink ones I used are from my collection. I created the pearl napkin rings from an inexpensive wired pearl garland I bought at Christmas time a few years ago. I just cut off a length of garland and wrapped it around the napkin as seen above. The same look could be achieved with a pretty solid-color or print paper napkin and a length of color-coordinated beaded garland or ribbon.

Your Easter dinner table decorations should suit your dining area, your linens, your dishes, your tastes and the purpose of your event. If you are comfortable with the choices you have made and think they look good together, then you will have a tablescape of which you are proud. Go for it!

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