Party Plan: Bridal Shower Themes

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Bridal Shower Themes 8

If you have a special friend with a wedding on the horizon and you would like to plan a super shower to honor the bride (or bride and groom), consider having a themed shower. A theme helps you focus your planning on what you want guests to bring, the color scheme to use, the decorations you need, the games you might play, and the kinds of food and beverages to serve. If a bride or couple is having several showers, this also helps avoid the issue of receiving many of the same kinds of gifts.

Consider these bridal shower themes–use them as suggested, or make your own adaptations to suit your honoree(s). You should know which theme might appeal most to your guest of honor.

  • Bridal Shower Themes 5All in the Family Shower—for relatives of the bride and/or groom. Ask each family member to bring a would-be heirloom or treasured gift from the family’s past that was handed down or could be (handwork, artwork, china, crystal, old family recipes, family photos); each guest could also be asked to share the story of the memento—where it came from, how old it is, etc. A framed family tree would be a thoughtful gift.
  • Alphabet Shower—each guest is assigned a letter of the alphabet to use for gift selection—A for apple-corer, B for baby-doll peignoir, and so on. Alphabet blocks and books can be featured in the invitations, decorations and food.              
  • Around-the-Clock Shower—guests are assigned different hours of the day and are asked to select gifts for the couple that could be used at that time of day. Clocks can be featured in the invitations, decorations and food.
  • Around-the-World Shower—great if your guests are of varied heritages or if the couple is—each guest Bridal Shower Themes 4bring a gift that represents some aspect of his or her ethnic background (i.e. an Italian might bring a basket of Italian food items to share with the couple) or each guest can be assigned to a country from which to select a gift.
  • Barbecue Shower—a great idea for an outdoor cookout and couples shower—gifts could include bbq utensils, bbq mitts, outdoor furniture, grill, and specialty charcoals.
  • Bevy of Baskets Shower—guests could be asked to bring different types of baskets for gifts—baskets to use as trashcans, houseplant containers, food serving baskets, storage baskets for magazines, bathrooms, etc. Guests could be asked to fill a basket with gift items—these could be themed to the bride-to-be’s or couple’s interests. 
  • Bathroom (Bedroom) Basics Shower–guests select gifts for the designated room of the house—basic Bridal Shower Themes 3needs as specified in the couple’s registry or specialty items like monogrammed towels or decorative items     
  • Booklovers Shower (Library Lovers Shower)—this could be a shower for the bride or for the couple. Book gifts can be about love, and practical things like home repairs, home decorating, cooking and travel.
  • Bottle and Bar Shower—this couples shower can be a cocktail party with gifts to supply the bride and groom’s bar or wine cellar. A professional bartender could be hired to demonstrate how to make fancy drinks. 
  • Box Lunch Shower—this could be a fun luncheon shower with gifts all related to boxes (boxes of food, home supplies, storage boxes). The box lunches could be provided by the hostess or a caterer, or each Bridal Shower Themes 6guest could be asked to bring a decorated box lunch for one, and these can be raffled off with the proceeds going to the bride. The lunches could also be selected in a Chinese gift exchange where your choice can be “stolen” by someone else when it’s their turn to pick. 
  • Breakfast Bonanza Shower—this shower could be given in the morning with breakfast foods on the menu. The gifts can include waffle irons, omelet makers, coffee makers, teapots, breakfast cookbooks and gourmet breakfast foods. 
  • Candlelight and Roses Shower—this coed shower could be a night on the town at a gourmet restaurant with all the guests dressed up or a formal dinner in the host’s home with china, crystal, flowers, champagne and lots of  candlelight. Guests could be asked to share romantic experiences or wishes for the couple. Gifts can Bridal Shower Themes 2include candlesticks, candles, vases, crystal, heart-shaped items, romantic music, or romantic DVDs, 
  • Champagne Celebration (or Winning Wines) Shower—this is a good theme for an evening couples shower. These special beverages can form the basis of the menu for the event—guests could be asked to bring a bottle to share at the shower and one for the couple to take home. A wine-tasting is a good activity for this shower, and a wine expert could be invited to educate the guests about the types of wine. 
  • Chocoholic Cravings Shower–the food to be served at this women’s or coed shower is obvious, and the gifts can items like chocolate foods, cookbooks, or dessert wines. Invitations can include a piece of chocolate.
  • Christmas Decorating Shower—If your shower will be given close to Christmas, why not have your Bridal Shower Themes 1guests bring Christmas decorations for the couple to use in their home—tree lights, ornaments, candles, wreaths and the like. 
  • Come Out of Closet Shower—gifts are items that will help organize the couple’s closets—garment bags, luxury clothes hangers, shoe tree, tie rack, scarf holder, pretty storage boxes or baskets, sweater or shoe boxes, or cedar items.
  • Cooking Class Shower—a great idea for either women or couples—hire a chef or cooking instructor to lead a demonstration of how to prepare favorite foods of the couple and/or have the guests prepare these dishes as the shower activity and meal. The gifts can be cooking tools and cookbooks. This would work Bridal Shower Themes 7best in a large kitchen or in a rented venue with several cook stations. Favors can be cooking aprons that each guest will wear at the shower.
  • Creative Crafting Shower—if the bride and her friends are into crafting, have guests bring their favorite craft to demonstrate or teach to the group or have a group craft activity for all the attendees to make. This craft activity could be to make favors to give away at the wedding reception or to make take-home items for the shower guests. The gifts for the bride could be handmade craft items or craft supplies for the bride to use after her wedding.

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