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Pillsbury is one of the iconic American brand names that we all associate with delicious baked goods–cakes, icings, cookies, pie-crusts, bread doughs, biscuit and roll doughs, and so much more.

We all grew up seeing that blue medallion logo on flour, cake mixes and biscuit cans, and we couldn’t help but smile every time we saw their cute animated mascot, Poppin’ Fresh, the Pillsbury Doughboy.

In 1869, Charles Pillsbury bought a one-third interest in a  flour mill and turned it into the largest grain mill in the world on the banks of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. Their Pillsbury’s Best XXXX flour labels were soon recognized all over the country, and decades later, in the late 1940’s, they had developed cake, pie crust and roll mixes to make the life of America’s homemakers easier.

The world-famous Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest was first held in New York City in 1949, and ever since then, the award-winning recipes are eagerly tried by cooks across the country.

After choosing Pillsbury to highlight as a resource for my blog, since I have always loved their products, I discovered that there are two and

Thinking this a bit unusual, I continued my research and discovered an interesting fact.  Pillsbury had long been a rival of the General Mills Company, also based in Minneapolis, until it was bought out in 2001 by them. But antitrust laws required General Mills to sell off some of their products. So now J.M. Smucker Company owns the rights to the Pillsbury dry baking products and frosting, and General Mills has the rights to the refrigerated and frozen Pillsbury products.

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So now the reason for two different websites is clear–two companies, two websites. But all this corporate division does not change the quality and value you can find in Pillsbury products and their websites as resources.

At pillsburybaking.comyou will find information about all the dry baking products, baking tips and ideas, recipes and the Pillsbury Bake-Off winning recipe for this year. This is where you will find ideas for using the Funfetti line of icings and cakes. With the July 4th holiday close on the horizon, you will find ideas for their aqua blue Funfetti cupcake and cake mix and Funfetti Stars and Stripes cake mix and icing. These would be wonderful to use for or with your children for holiday treats! I have that Stars and Stripes icing in my pantry right now, and I think I might pull it out to use today!

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At, you will find a huge number of recipes for every kind of meal item, occasion and more using their refrigerated and frozen dough. The  website says, “We believe the ability to make is in everyone’s hands.”  They are a “community in pursuit of easy, delicious recipes.”

Anyone who knows me knows I like easy recipes–well, these truly are, and the terrific color photos included make every recipe look so very tempting! I get so inspired every time I go on this site that I want to start cooking and have friends over! Every time their email newsletter arrives in my inbox, I get so hungry looking at all the recipes and photos–everything looks so tasty!

This website also has, in addition to everyday and special occasion recipes and tips, many coupons and deals for all their Pillsbury products.

So if you are looking for tasty and simple recipes that will impress your family and friends at any time of the day or for any kind of celebration, check out these two Pillsbury websites and their huge lines of products.

This recommendation is totally my own opinion, and I have not been compensated for this post.

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