Recipe: Neptune Crab Salad

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Crabs were the first live sea creatures beyond fish with which I had ever come in contact. I had seen sea creatures in aquariums at the zoo before, but encountering them up close and personal at our river cottage when I was in elementary school was different.

The first picture I drew of our cottage included crabs out in the water. I accidentally stepped on a crab when I was eight while we were playing in the river, and I rocketed out of the water into my mother’s arms so fast, I am sure she wondered if I had been bitten. I wore water shoes from then on!

At the river, we observed neighbors going out in their little motor boats twice daily to check their black metal mesh crab pots. Crabbing off the end of the pier with chicken tidbits tied to pieces of string was a favorite pastime for my brothers and their friends. Eventually we tied a crab pot to the end of our pier and caught some crabs to cook for dinners when we were at the cottage for weekend visits.

My sons have grown up catching and picking crabs for summer celebrations. I don’t think my youngest son likes anything better than picking his own crabs to eat. I, on the other hand, don’t mind doing that, but I am also perfectly happy if someone else has picked that crab meat for me to enjoy. Crab appetizers, crab cakes, and crab salads of all kinds are true treats to my taste buds!

A crab salad is a wonderful light luncheon or dinner item to serve on a hot day. It evokes a feel of vacation time, of being on the water or in a boat, of warm breezes blowing through your hair–even if you are at your own kitchen table! Try fixing one for company or for your family.

This Neptune Crab Salad recipe, as well as many others using crab meat, comes from the website,–this site ships Maryland seafood from their dock to your home! Even if you don’t live near the water, you can still enjoy delicious crab!

Neptune Crab Salad

1 pound lump crab meat (you can use imitation crab)

1 hard cooked egg, sliced

½ cup mayonnaise or salad dressing

½ cup cooked peas

¼ cup diced sweet pickles ( I used sweet relish)

½ cup chopped celery

1 head of leaf lettuce

Combine the crab meat, egg, celery, peas, pickles and mayonnaise, and toss lightly. Serve the salad on lettuce leaves and garnish with additional egg slices and paprika.

This recipe serves four.

This seafood salad would be a perfect menu item for a nautical party or any summer celebration.

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