Recipe: Red White and Blue Woo Hoo

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Red White & Blue Woo Hoo 5Get out the flags and the bunting, the streamers, the stars, the stripes and the sparklers! It’s the birthday of our country! Happy Birthday, America!

If you hadn’t already guessed, I loved patriotic holidays! And July 4 is by far my favorite! So I am all set to have a great day with family and friends, and I hope you are ready to do the same.

Red White & Blue Woo Hoo 8This year I am making a special drink to go with my star-shaped ice–I call it the Red White and Blue Woo Hoo, although it goes by many other patriotic names.The layered colors give it that “woo-hoo” effect. How can you resist having a red, white and blue drink on July 4? The drink and the holiday just go together!  Your guests and children will be so tickled with their three-color layered drinks!

The recipe below makes a drink that is red at the bottom, blue in the middle and white at the top–this layering occurs because of the sugar content in each drink. The bottom red beverage has the heaviest sugar content, and the white diet beverage, which has the least sugar, is the top.

If you want the colors to actually be in red, white and blue order, you can substitute a Sobe non-alcoholic pina colada beverage for the white in the middle with the red juice at the bottom, and the blue sports drink at the top.

Red White and Blue Woo Hoo

  • Red Juice or Beverage–Cranberry Juice or Hawaiian Punch (with a heavy sugar content)
  • Blue Sports Drink ( with less sugar than the red juice)–I used PowerAde Blue
  • Diet 7-Up (with the least sugar of the three)
  • 1 bag of crushed ice (if your refrigerator doesn’t make crushed ice)–I used smaller star-shaped ice cubes


  • Red White & Blue Woo Hoo 5Fill up an acrylic or glass beverage dispenser or drinking glass almost to the top with ice cubes
  • Pour the cranberry juice in slowly until it fills about one-third of the glass or beverage dispenser. Each time you add a new drink color, the ice will melt down a little, so you’ll need to add additional ice cubes to fill the dispenser or glass back up.
  • Add the blue sports drink, again filling up about one-third more of the glass or dispenser. When you pour the blue drink, add it slowly and directly on top of an ice cube (so the ice cube will slow it down even more).
  • Add additional ice to replace what melts, but this time add crushed ice instead of ice cubes. The density of the crushed ice helps keep the Diet 7-up from blending in to the blue and will add to the “white” appearance.
  • Finally, add Diet 7-Up, filling up the glass/container to the top.
  • Garnish with red, white and blue-striped straws, straws or drink stirrers with patriotic flags, skewers with strawberries, raspberries, watermelon slices cut in star shapes or blueberries.


These colorful drinks would make a most colorful and cool treat for a refreshment break in the middle of a hot July 4 afternoon of swimming, playing ball, horseshoes or croquet or just visiting! Creating the three-layer drinks might be a great project to assign to your older children who would have a ball making them for everyone.

Happy Independence Day to you all! Enjoy!

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