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Let there be light!

This is certainly a traditional phrase associated with Christmas and the New Year. Beyond the religious connotation of the Christ Child being the light of the world, light is a very powerful motif in a winter-dark world with shorter daylight hours and longer nights. The need for and the warmth and glow of light in the darkness goes back to ancient times.

That desire for light is one reason that candles have always been associated with Christmas time. For centuries before electricity’s invention, candles have been the means of bringing light to homes and gatherings of people. Candles were used on mantels, shelves, and tables to light rooms. Candles were used in lanterns outdoors to carry light into the night.

Nowadays we are no longer tied to the use of candles because of electric and battery-operated lights. Bu their warm ambience and scent still appeals to us. Wax candles are available in virtually every shape and color, and are used in many creative ways.

But there are occasions when we would love to use candles but are afraid of the fire hazard they would represent. For example, in the olden days, Christmas trees were lit with candles–a beautiful concept, but an extremely dangerous one. Christmas tree fires were devastating. When you are entertaining children, you would not want to have them playing near lighted candles.

You also may not want to use real candles for busy events, where you might forget to watch the candles and end up with a fire. Additionally, in outdoor settings where it’s windy, you can’t use candles with an open flame.

But this is where battery operated candles are the perfect answer! I thought everyone realized that battery-operated candles are available at very reasonable costs in many shapes, sizes and colors, but every time I teach a decorating class, I have students who have never seen these before (and find them absolutely fascinating.)

During the winter holidays, you will find the tea-light votive-sized lights available in many colors and shapes. I have white, red and green round lights, as well as gold-glittered star-shaped ones. These can be set on tables or mantels or in windowsills. The batteries last an incredibly long time, and you can buy replacement batteries for the candle itself.


You can also find pillar candles in all sizes and many colors to use in your holiday decorating. You can also find sets of multiple-height candles for making very easy centerpieces or mantel decor. Some of the battery-operated candles actually have wax on the outside to look like real candles, and some have tops that look like candles that have melted some. You can even get some with remote controls so you can easily turn them off. Some have steady lights, and others have flickering ones.

Many caterers have begun using battery operated candles for their events throughout the year since these are more economical if they use candles often and certainly these are certainly safer. Many rental venues for parties will not allow use of open flames, so these become the better option.

With the possible power outages that often come with winter storms, having these candles on hand can be a real help in lighting your home in a safe way.

If you have never used battery operated candles, this is the best time to check them out in your local drug, discount and craft store. The Christmas clearance is the ideal time to stock up! Then you can enjoy the cozy glow of light through the long cold winter!



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