Party Plan: Christmas Crafts Carnival

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Christmas is coming, but not soon enough if your preschool and school-age children are already out of school. They are restless and excited, and you need something to keep them entertained that isn’t video-game or television-related. Your neighborhood moms are in the same boat. One fun way to take care of adult and children’s needs is to have a Christmas crafts carnival.

Consider hosting a Christmas crafts carnival for neighborhood children and their moms. Since Christmas has not yet arrived, guests can make easy Christmas decorations and gifts to give to their loved ones.You may want to contact the other moms to see if they are interested in offering this for the children and if they are willing to help. Together you can put this party in motion quickly and easily.

The plan is to offer several craft stations so the children can rotate through each of them during the course of the party.  Then each guest can take home his or her gifts and decorations. The creation of all these crafts stimulates the children’s creative imaginations, gives them things to share with loved ones and uses up their excess energy.

What crafts you do and the space you need depends on the number and age of the guests you expect. You obviously will need another parent or two to help you supervise all the crafting. You might even decide that splitting up your crafting by ages between two houses is the best idea.

If you do some advance setting up of the stations, you should be able to keep all the hostesses’ homes safe from major messes. Choose a room or rooms in your house that can handle the craft projects without destroying your decorating for Christmas Day with your family.

You may want to put an old shower liner, a plastic tablecloth or drop cloth on the floor to protect your carpet. Use a plastic tablecloth or newsprint to protect your tables. Make it clear to the children the areas of the house in which they can visit. If the weather is warm enough, you might consider making some of the crafts on your deck or patio.

Many pre-packaged craft projects for the holidays are available at your local craft store if you aren’t confident about being the craft leader. But so many easy Christmas craft ideas can be found on the Internet that even beginner craft moms can look like pros and don’t need pre-fab kits. Sit down with your mother helpers and plan out what craft stations you want to have and what materials you will need. Don’t forget that you can include easy cooking projects for the kitchen.

Base your choice of projects on the ages and interest levels of the children coming. Some children will go through four crafts in the time it takes others to do one. Always be prepared to readjust your plans as you see how things go with the children.

It is also smart to plan some active games to play outside between periods of doing craft projects. You can ask a mother helper to read a Christmas story or two as a calming activity after playing outdoors. Refreshments also provide a transition between craft projects.

You might want to have labeled paper gift bags for your guests to take home their craft projects. Have the bags lined up where the children can see their names. As each guest completes a project, he or she can take it to the labeled bag so all the craft projects are ready when it is time to go home.

Craft choices for your Christmas craft carnival are innumerable! Below are three super-easy crafts you can do with young children:

And of course, no party is complete without food and drink, and you can let the children create their own treats. Check online for cute and easy holiday treats to make and eat. Check out these fun melting snowman cupcakes my niece McKenzie made. Your guests can make food items for gifts or to eat at the party.

Your Christmas crafts carnival can be quite a celebration of creativity! Your children will be constructively occupied, will learn the joy of sharing by making gifts for others and will have a good time! Enjoy!



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