Tablescape: Christmas Santa Table Setting

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My friends know that I love to tablescape and can turn odd items into centerpieces. So very often I am the recipient of gifts from friends because they think I might be able to use the item in a tablescape. It’s a creative challenge that I enjoy!

These cute Santa china canisters were given to me by my dear friend Vicki. She found them when she was cleaning out her mother’s things after her death, and she thought I could use them. I think they are very cute and they remind me of her mom, who was a wonderful woman of wisdom and energy. So I have her to thank for this Christmas Santa table setting.

I first covered the table with a white snowflake motif tablecloth I got at Target–it’s wonderful to use as the base to my tablescapes all winter. Then I used shiny Christmas green chargers, available at most discount and craft stores, for color and then layered on my white china dinner plates and my long-time favorite Debbie Mum Santa salad plates.

I have used these decorative plates throughout my children’s childhood because they loved the  four different Santas, and the checkerboard border went well with the red-and-white-checked tablecloth we used on our kitchen table during the holidays.  When I saw the green-and-white-checked band on one of the canister Santas, I knew these dishes would be perfect with them.

Then I rolled up four green and red plaid cloth napkins I had and secured each with a red and white beaded napkin ring I found at Pier One several years ago. I placed the rolled napkin at the top of each salad plate so the guests could see the Santa design on the salad plate.

I also used clear glass Libbey water goblets and colonial-style stainless steel flatware.

I recently found more of these salad plates at a local thrift store and bought them so that each son could have enough for their families (when that day comes) since these are such reminders of our family Christmas celebrations at home.

Once I got each place setting in place, I placed the three Santa canisters in the center of the table. These are especially nice because they aren’t too tall so they won’t obscure the guests’ view across the table. The center canister has straight sides so the two end canisters will fit tightly up against it. What I like about that is you can turn the center canister to face the opposite way, which gives the guests on the far side of the table something more interesting to look at than the backs of all three Santas’ heads.

Here I have all the Santas facing forward so you can see them all. But in the bottom photo below, you can see that the middle Santa is paying attention to the guests on that side of the table. This is how I used it when my guests arrived.

To complete the tablescape, I added a feathery evergreen and holly sprigs from my yard, tucking short pieces of them around the canisters. There is no need to put them in water, and they will last a few days in case you want to leave the centerpiece on the table. Any type of greenery would work as well.

What I like best about this tablescape is seeing green as the stronger color with red as the accent. At Christmas, red so often takes center stage in our decorating so it is nice to see green as the featured color here. Look at your holiday decor to see if you have something that would make an unexpected centerpiece for your table. You might be surprised at what you find!

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