DIY Project: Christmas Star Wallhanging

Not all holiday projects have to be completed before or at the start of the holiday season. Some can be started and completed during the holday season or in anticipation of next year’s holiday.

This Christmas Star wallhanging is very easy to make so you may be able to use it this year for New Year’s or Epiphany or saved to unveil next year for Christmas. You know I love stars, so when I saw this wallhanging my friend Deborah made, I knew I had to share it with you all.

All you need is a painter’s stretched canvas frame in a size of your choosing, a piece of fabric several inches larger than the frame on all four sizes, a staple gun, a holiday ornament of paper mache or another lightweight material and a glue gun.

As much as I love stars, you may have another holiday motif that you would rather highlight. Look at the dressmaking and upholstery fabrics at your local craft or fabric stores for an appropriate fabric, and check the craft store for an ornament to take center stage in your wallhanging. The fabric and the ornament do not have to be of the same motif, as long as their colors and styles look good together.

Before you do any buying, be certain you have a measurement for the space on your wall on which you would like to use your wallhanging. That way you will not buy a canvas frame that is too small or too large for your space. After you purchase a plain stretched canvas, be sure you take it with you (or its dimensions) when you are looking at ornaments so you choose an appropriately sized one. Take a tape measure with you!

Christmas Star Wallhanging 5

The after-Christmas clearance sales are a great place to look for a large ornament for your showpiece.  Be certain that your choice of ornament will lie flat on the flat surface of the canvas so you can glue it down. If your ornament is unfinished paper mache, foam or wood, be sure to buy paint so you can prepare it for display.

I love how Deborah painted her paper mache star with lighter and darker shades of gold and rubbed the top layer to wear away some of the color. It makes her star look like its surface has been worn away through long use–it has a patina! Note that she added a piece of old jewelry to the center of the star as an embellishment.

Now that you have all your supplies together, check your fabric to be certain it is clean and ready to staple to the canvas frame. You will also want to press any wrinkles out of your fabric before you begin stapling. Lay the fabric print side down on a table or large flat surface,smooth it out,and lay your canvas frame facedown on top of the fabric. Pull the top end of the fabric up over the canvas frame and staple it on the back of the frame in the center.

Then turn it over to see if the fabric’s print is straight on the frame. If so, lay everything back on the table as before, and pull the bottom edge of the fabric tight and staple in on the frame. Keep checking that your fabric’s design is straight on the frame  and taut, and continue stapling the fabric’s edges to the frame all around. Don’t forget to do hospital corners on the four corners because the fabric will lay flatter and therefore, look better.

Once you have covered the frame tightly with your fabric and the staple gun, you are ready to attach the ornament you have chosen with your glue gun. Be sure your ornament is positioned in the middle of your frame.

You may wish to add a picture-hanger on the back of your wallhanging so you can hang it on the wall. If you want, you can lean this decoration against the wall on a mantel or a buffet. It doesn’t have to hang.

This is an easy craft with big-bang potential in your decorating scheme for later in the holidays this year or to start off next year’s!

Merry, merry Christmas to you all! Enjoy!

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