Party Pointer: Christmas Tree Themes

Theme trees are gaining popularity every year. Many people find that theme trees allow further personal touches in their holiday decorating since they can be decorated with special collections or items of interest. Often, a family adds a second tree and makes it a theme tree because they don’t want to part with their traditional tree and ornaments.

A theme can be anything. Just think of something you like—a color, a decorating style, a shape—and start your theme from there. There are so many ornaments available to buy or make that you’ll find plenty of things to hang on your tree.

Here are some ideas for theme trees–use one of these, or let your imagination run wild:

Angels and Cherubs – all colors, crocheted lace and other textures.

Animal – your favorite animal–cat, dog, panda, owl, flamingo, barn animals, jungle animals

Bears – tiny teddy bears, costumed toy bears, storybooks about teddy bears

Books – miniature books or book covers of favorite adult or children’s books

Color – red, gold, blue, winter white, pink or any combination.

Country – handmade ornaments and craft pieces.

Fisherman – tiny tackle boxes, nets and lures with fish ornaments.

Gardener – tiny flowers and vegetables and small garden implements like clay pots, gloves, trowels.

Handmade – handmade ornaments of one type or a variety of crafts

Kids – give your children their own tree and let them pick a theme.

Kitchen – tiny utensils, teapots and pans, with a dishcloth as a tree skirt.

Movie – decorate for your favorite movie– Gone with the Wind, Star Wars, A Christmas Story

Music – musical notes, instruments, pieces of sheet music

Rock ‘n’ Roll – 45 rpm records, pictures of album covers and singers, guitar ornaments

Southwestern – chili pepper lights with cow, horse, horseshoe and 10-gallon hat ornaments.

Sports – you’ll find a wide assortment of ornaments with colors and insignia of pro and college teams

Victorian – hearts in pink, cream and gold and lots of lace.

New baby in the family—pastel blues, pinks or yellows–rattles, baby bottles, diaper pins, rubber duckies, bibs, baby toys

Wedding in the family, your current interests or activities can be the basis for the theme.

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