Tablescape: New Years Tablesetting

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New Year’s is an exciting night to celebrate with family and friends as we transition into a brand-new year of adventures and challenges. It is a wonderful time to share serious and silly wishes for the upcoming twelve months as well as lots of memories of the past year.

A festive New Years tablesetting is a great start to an evening of celebrating. I thought that royal blue was a bright bold color to use as an accent for gold which is often a common New Year’s color. The ombre-striped cotton fabric¬† I had used for another project made a terrific tablecloth, and the stripes emphasized the long tablescape.¬† I used white dinnerware with white salad plates trimmed in gold with a star design in the center. (Remember–I love stars so you shouldn’t be surprised I have these star plates!)

I rolled white cloth napkins and secured them with gold Mylar star wired garland pieces to keep the theme going. Each placesetting also have a blue and gold star horn or blower for celebrating the New Year. In addition, champagne glasses for a midnight toast are at each placesetting.

For my sinple centerpiece runner, I used open gold metal star candlesticks with white taper candles. I bought these candlesticks at an after-Christmas clearance at a Hallmark store several years ago. They have been very useful for Christmas, New Year’s, patriotic holidays, graduation and birthday tablescapes. That’s part of why I love stars as a motif–they are very versatile for so many occasions.

I have six of these candleholders, so they are fun to use on this very long table. They function almost like a table runner down the center of the table. Another nice feature of these candleholders is that their open design does not obscure the vision of guests on either side of the table. The height of the candleholders also keeps the flame on the taper candles above the heads of the guests so the flames don’t flicker in their eyes.

I had a special star-box favor for the guest of honor at the head of the table. This could be the oldest guest, the guest with the birthday closest to the start of the new year or the guest being honored for another reason. This person can also offer the midnight toast.

So begin your new year with light, stars and lots of great color and company! Family, friends and good fortunes for the new year! Enjoy!

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