Tablescape: New Years Group Luncheon

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In our modern culture, the celebration of the new year has been compressed into a two-day affair, but for centuries New Year’s was part of a long celebration of the winter solstice and Twelfth Night. So if you have to decorate for an early January group luncheon, using a New Year’s theme is perfectly appropriate!

A few years ago, I decorated for a January luncheon at our church which was held in honor of the installation of our new associate pastor. The congregation was very excited about her joining us so a festive celebration was in order–therefore, a New Year’s theme was most appropriate to use.

We used burgundy tablecloths with white napkins. Each table had a multi-colored centerpiece made up of New Year’s hats, noisemakers, leis, beads and serpentine streamers.

Each table also featured a standing card with information about the coming of the new associate pastor. I created a card with information on the front and back on my computer and printed copies on white card-stock on my home printer. Then I taped two cards together, with the tape on the inside so it wouldn’t show. When the cards are standing up, I tucked pieces of colored tissue paper in the top for color.

Because we had such a large crowd that everyone would not fit in the chapel, we also set up tables in our church dining room. I used a different color scheme in this room since I already had these black, silver and gold New Year’s decorations. As I did in the larger room, I used hats, noisemakers, horns, beads, and serpentine streamers.

We used white tablecloths, white napkins, and two of the card signs with white, black, gold and silver tissue in the top per table.

If you have to decorate for a luncheon like this in early January, you can buy your hats, noisemakers and the like on clearance after New Year’s if you are a thrifty shopper. You can buy box sets that have eight to twenty-four hats, horns, and leis, so it is easy to coordinate the colors you use.

So regardless of the color scheme you use, you can create an easy attractive centerpiece for your first-of-the-year decorating.

So if you are looking for an easy and appropriate decorating theme for an early January event, try a New Years group luncheon theme! It’s a bright and cheerful way to celebrate the start of a brand-new year!

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