Party Plan: Snowman Party Outdoor Activities

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Whether you live in an area where you have lots of snow each year or in an area where you don’t, the cold winter “white stuff” and its beloved icon, the snowman, make for a perfect party theme! Here are some easy ideas of snowman party outdoor activities to try with children and adults.. In this post, we’ll cover outdoor activities and next Monday, well ‘talk about indoor activities.
If you have real snow, you can plan a lot of activities to do outdoors, coming inside just to warm up and have refreshments. Make sure your guests are all appropriately bundled up for the cold temperatures with socks and boots, gloves and hats. Be sure to have old towels or mats on the floor at the door everyone will come in, so that snow and mud won’t be tracked into your entire house.

Obviously building snowmen is the primary purpose of this party.Collect costume pieces for your builders to use–hats, ear-muffs, scarves, gloves, carrots for noses,twigs for arms, rocks, coal or pine cones for eyes and buttons. You will need to have lots of shovels, brooms, tubs and large pieces of cardboard for your builders to use in their construction.You can let individuals build snowmen, or divide into age-specific teams to compete in a snowman-building contest. Your teams can build traditional snowmen, or challenge older builders to make snowmen of different occupations or doing something funny (standing on its head or making a snow angel). Be sure to get video or photos of the construction and final snow creatures. Have lots of ribbon awards for these winning snow creations.If you have snow-covered hills in a safe area of your neighborhood, you could offer sledding. Ask guests to bring their sleds so everyone will be able to participate. You could have sledding relays with an adult starter sending the sledders down the hill.Keep a sharp eye out for your sledders so you won’t have any accidents to contend with.Divide into teams to build snow-forts and then have timed snowball battles. Discuss safety with your opponents–no snowballs built with ice chunks or rocks. Declare winners for each portion of the battle. You may want to divide into age-specific teams so that the younger children have a chance with opponents their own age.

Coloring snow angels or other snow designs is an easy activity children love. Fill empty spray bottles with water and food coloring, and stand back to see what the children create! Get out old cake pans, Jello molds, plastic bowls or beach sand molds so the children can create some interesting snow shapes. Encourage them to try making snow castles or other kinds of buildings. Mold some shapes, and then decorate them with the spray bottles of food coloring.

With adult supervision, you can have a fire pit or large metal drum with a nice fire for your guests to use to warm fingers and backsides. You also should have the ingredients for s’mores as a favorite treat–long sticks, large marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers. You can offer hot chocolate in a large thermos outside or encourage your guests to come inside to warm up.

Bring your guests inside after an invigorating time in the snow to shake off the cold and relax with snowman foods–this Saturday, I’ll feature some easy snowman fun foods. Check them out!

Enjoy the snow!


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