Party Pointers: Connected Spring Tablesettings

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Lots of people like to play the parlor game based on six degrees of separation. This is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world.

This game came to my mind when I was taking pictures of inspiring spring tablesettings in several of the local Pier I home furnishings stores in my area. As I snapped photos of the bright floral dishes, wonderful wood chargers, colorful napkins and napkin rings to inspire us, I realized that many of these tablesettings connected to each other with the use of one or two items. So here is my adapted version of the game:

The first picture above uses lovely blue and yellow floral melamine dishes with orange as an accent color.  The dishes in the second photo use most of the same colors, although they are a different design. In the first photo, two orange napkins are layered together with a green floral napkin ring. In the second photo, the same napkin ring in yellow is used with a green napkin.

In the third photo here, the same dishes, green napkin and floral napkin rings are used, as well as the same round indigo Mesa placemat and the same dark Expresso rattan charger as the second photo. But since the second tablesetting was on a lighter wooden tabletop, it did not need the lighter colored water hyacinth placemat used in the third tablesetting for contrast. Note that both the second and third tablescape used painted drinking glasses–but of different designs.

In this fourth picture, the spring colors are the connection–the floral print dish design used green, yellow and orange as the ones above did, but this lace-edged napkin is a softer shade of green than the one used in the third photo. Note the carved mango wood charger with the raised vine border–how appropriate for the floral print dishes! The use of a charger also connects this tablesetting to the two above it.

The same vine-bordered Courtland charger is used in this tablesetting with a sand-colored round Mesa placemat under it on top of a green hem-stitched rectangular placemat. The dishes used are the cream-colored Carmela dishes made of melamine, as was the floral and butterfly pattern used in the very first photo. The lace-trimmed napkin used here is a natural color, while the one used in the fourth photo was the mint-colored version. Note the same carved wooden round tray in this photo to the right is also shown in the photo above it–the tray also has a vine-border similar to the charger.

The tablesetting in this photo uses the same mango wood charger with cream-colored dishes as the fifth photo above. But these dishes are the Antigue Scroll china pattern instead of the Carmelo pattern. The tablesetting is set on a tray for use at a buffet, and note the flatware is on the diagonal of the plate instead of in the usual position. The green Lemon Leaf square placemat is also set on the diagonal for variety. Two napkins are used together–a green variegated dinner napkin with a crème beaded trim napkin–  held with a natural-color concave napkin ring.

Here we have our popular vine-bordered Courtland charger, the Antique Scroll dishes, another Mesa placemat, and the Lemon Leaf square placemat. Note the layering under the charger of a Wheat Yellow Mesa round placemat on top of the green Lemon Leaf square placemat on top of a gold and cream scrolled print placemat. See that again the Lemon Leaf placemat is used on the diagonal in the tablesetting instead of in the normal position. I love the rabbit napkins and the decorative bird nest with tiny bird’s eggs and floral pieces!

We move to another Easter tablesetting in this photo which features many of the same colors as the tablesetting above. The yellow, green and blue colors in the seventh photo are seen in this eighth photo with pinks and reds added in. We again see the mint-green lace-edged napkins also used previously in the fourth tablesetting. The wooden carved scroll napkin ring matches the Courtland charger used in several of the photos above. The carved white charger adds a special dimension to the buffet tray tablesetting, and the plain white dish under the Easter egg plate shows up well. The reversible plaid and gingham rectangular placemat in spring pastels adds to the holiday look. The Easter egg plate connects to the eggs in the nest in the seventh photo.

We connect to another Easter buffet tray tablesetting. As in the previous tablesetting, this one uses the same reversible placemat as the bottom layer with a round pink Mesa placemat over it with a palm-colored Caramelo melamine dish on it, with a white plate and the same Easter egg dish on top! Both this tablesetting and the one above are using the same clear Emma hobnail glassware. The napkins here are a yellow and pink gingham used together with a cute Easter chick napkin ring.And so we come to our final inspiration–a dressy tablesetting for Easter–it’s the gold metallic rabbit napkin ring that ties this into the holiday. We has a rabbit on the napkin of the seventh photo. The gold, and ivory round beaded placemat is a wonderful base for the gold clear glass plate, the sold gold plate and the scrolled design of the Jaclyn salad plate on top. The white napkin with the gold metallic scrollwork also connects back to our cream Antique Scroll dishes in the sixth and seventh photos.

So, all these spring tablesettings are connected in multiple ways that demonstrate how you can change out different parts of your tablesettings and still achieve a look that is right for your entertaining. Hope these photos gave you some ideas of what you can do at home! Enjoy!

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