Recipe: Chicken Salad Appetizer Cups

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Do you have a collection of party-perfect appetizer recipes that you can whip up in a hurry? These recipes have to taste wonderful and look even better. They have to look like you have been working all day to create. Well, this is one of those super-simple recipes to fix when you need to take something to a party or to serve at a luncheon that looks special but is extremely quick and easy to prepare. Try making these chicken salad appetizer cups–yum!

You only need three ingredients from your favorite grocery store. You will want to buy two boxes of mini fillo (phyllo) shells (15 count in each box) from the freezer section of your grocery, a package of chopped pecans from the baking goods section and a half-pound of deli chicken salad.

Prepare the phyllo cups in the oven according to the package directions. It just takes a few minutes to put the pastry cups on a cookie sheet and brown them. 

Open the deli chicken salad, and spoon it carefully into the phyllo cups. I found that an iced tea spoon or a baby spoon works will work better than a regular-size teaspoon. You might also have a small scooper you can use to place the chicken salad in the cups. Then top each of the pastry cups with chicken salad with an unbroken piece of pecan.You could substitute tuna salad, ham salad or egg salad or pimento cheese for the chicken salad. You can also substitute a small piece of parsley or another green herb for the pecan, and you can substitute sliced almonds for the pecans. A half grape is another great topper.

Voila! You are finished and ready to serve!

Have you got a recipe like this–one you can put together in no time and still  impress your guests? If you do, please share it so we can all enjoy it.

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