Recipe: Patriotic Party Snack

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Memorial Day weekend is the lead-in to the three months of the year we all look forward to–June, July and August–the summer! You will probably getting together with your family and friends to celebrate the start of the season, and this patriotic party snack is a perfect treat to get the summer underway.

Memorial Day was created to remember the many American men and women over the years who gave their lives to preserve our freedoms. So it’s important to take time to think about our country and how lucky we are to be part of it. What better way to remind your family and friends than to deck out your home and table with red, white and blue patriotic decorations and foods? Try this easy red, white and blue patriotic party snack!

You only need three ingredients to make this snack mix. Fill a large ziplock plastic bag with the following:

  • red-colored snack–ours are Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.
  • white-colored snack–  your favorite microwave popcorn
  • blue-colored snack–I used Blue Chips Corn Tortilla Chips

Then seal your bag and gently shake the ingredients to mix them well. You may serve them to your guests in one large bowl or in individual bowls. I used individual red metal pails so my guests could easily walk around with their snacks.

A word of warning–the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are indeed flamin’ hot! If your guests don’t care for really hot snacks, you might want to switch out this type of Cheetos for the original regular snack. You might prefer fudging on the color–switching the redder Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for the orange regular Cheetos–in order to protect your tongue from the flames!

So fill a party tub with ice and your favorite beverages to accompany this patriotic party snack, and find a place to relax on your patio, in your yard or in your family room. Make the most of this Memorial Day, remembering our American past and looking to our future!

If you would like to create a red, white and blue beverage to go with this snack mix, check out this post. Enjoy!

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