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Are you planning a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, a graduation or congratulations party for someone special? These kinds of occasions call for personalization–be it a theme dear to the honoree’s heart or with a focus on the individual. Nothing is more personal than pictures of the honoree!

Before you decide to use photos of your honoree in your party for the invitations, decorations, food or activities, be sure the honoree is comfortable with this plan. Some people really don’t like to see themselves in photos, or in photos they don’t consider flattering. So make certain you know your honoree well enough to go with the use of photos as a surprise, or let the honoree approve the photos you use. You don’t have to get approval for how you are going to use them–let that be the surprise.

Today photo products for parties come in a huge variety and can be created or purchased at a reasonable cost either locally or online. Office supply companies like Staples and Office Depot/Office Max have print and copy services at their local stores and online. Party suppliers like Party City and Oriental Trading have many items that can be customized and ordered online. You may be able to create and print many photo products on your home computer’s print, or you may prefer to use upload photos to be used online in free pre-designed templates.

Here are some ways you may choose to use photos of the guest of honor in your party-planning:

  • Party Invitation with Honoree’s Photos –these could be paper invitations or email invitations.
  • Yard Signs with Honoree’s Photo–announcing the party and guest of honor.
  • Banners with Honoree’s Photo–can be used in the yard or inside the party space; available in paper and vinyl in different lengths and widths.
  • Border Print Posters with Honoree’s Photo–your guest of honor’s photo is printed on a poster with a wide white border and mounted and laminated on foam board–guests can sign and leave their best wishes for the honoree.
  • Photos of Honoree Used for Special Decorations–print many photos of your honoree and take them up on the wall in the shape of his/her initial(s) or in the shape of the numbers of his/her age or anniversary year. It might be best to create the photo shape on a foam board or poster board and then hang on the wall.
  • Posters with Honoree’s Photo–come in various sizes and can be used as wall decorations.
  • Garlands with Honoree’s Photos–print out photos of your honoree at different ages or participating in his/her favorite pastime, and clip them to a ribbon or rope garland across a wall or mantel in the party space.
  • Cardboard Cutouts with Honoree’s Photo –these come in many varieties that can tie into your theme or honoree’s interests–for example, you can find a five-foot stand-up of a pro golfer with a cutout space to put an enlarged photo of your honoree’s face.
  • Buttons with Honoree’s Photo— these can be worn by all your party guests to greet the honoree
  • Face Mask on Stick with Enlarged Photo of Honoree–this can be fun for a surprise party–when the honoree arrives, everyone is holding the masks up so the honoree sees a sea of guests with his/her own face.
  • Cardboard Fans with Honoree’s Photo–these make practical souvenirs, especially at outdoor parties in the summer.
  • Playing Cards and Poker Chips with Honoree’s Photo–this could be especially appropriate at a bridge or card party honoring one of the members of the group.
  • Table Runners with Honoree’s Photo–made of vinyl, these runners hang across and over the front of a party table–better than banners in this situation because they don’t have to taped or tied on.
  • Can Coolers with Honoree’s Photo–these make practical souvenirs at events when canned soda or beer is served.
  • Coasters with Honoree’s Photo–these are practical for the hostess at an indoor party and also carry out your theme.
  • Mint Tins and Container Boxes with Honoree’s Photo–these can be used for favors to take home–the empty tins can be filled with your choice of candies.
  • M&Ms Candies with Honoree’s Photo Imprinted–these treats are favorites with everyone and the personalization makes them even more special.
  • Candy Wrappers with Honoree’s Photo–you can buy these, or print your own message and photo to tape over the candy bars of your choice as favors. Hershey Bars are easy to use in this way.
  • Water Bottle Labels with Honoree’s Photo–these paper labels are easy to create yourself on your computer and tape on the bottles.
  • Wine Bottle Labels with Honoree’s Photo–use these labels on wine you have purchased for consumption during the party or for guests to take home as favors.
  • Cupcake Wrappers with Honoree’s Photo–with the popularity of cupcakes as party food, these can be cute when the cupcakes are displayed.
  • Lollipops with Honoree’s Photo–candy buffets are trendy now so colorful lollipops with photo centers can dress up the food table.
  • Cakes with Honoree’s Photo–round and sheet cakes can now be decorated with edible photo images in most bakeries and major grocery chains.
  • Cake Toppers with Honoree’s Photo–these frame-like toppers can be used on a plain cake or even a pie.
  • Stickers with Honoree’s Photo–you can create your own photo stickers using your home printer and labels from the office supply store or purchase them from a party vendor; these stickers can be used to decorate cups, napkins, and more.
  • Placemats with Honoree’s Photo–you can create these on your home computer and print them up at your local print shop for your party dinner tables.
  • Glass Cylinder Hurricanes for Candles with Honoree’s Photo–You can print photos on regular copy paper on your printer, and cut them to be taped on the outside of the vase. Put a pillar candle on the inside of the vase and you can see the light reflecting through the vase on the table. You can group several vases together for an attractive centerpiece.

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