Recipe: Berry Berry Red White and Blue Treats

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Isn’t it amazingly appropriate that strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are readily available during the months that we celebrate patriotic holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day? The abundance of these summer berries makes them the perfect food items for celebrating in a color-coordinated way! Why not try “berry berry red white and blue” treats this season?Fresh fruit is so healthful and tasty that it takes very little to make them into an irresistible treat! This dessert can be made with your favorite fruits–strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries. Choose a berry of red and of blue and toss together. Or use all four!

Plain berries are delicious, but they can be even tastier tossed with whip cream or whipped topping. Whipped topping comes in light or fat-free versions which makes it even more guilt-free as a dessert. A sprinkling of granola can add a nice crunch to the top of your fruit.You can also adapt this dessert by adding chunks of pound cake to the whipped topping and fruit. You could also use broken pieces of sugar cookies. These can be mixed in with the berries, topping and cake or cookies. You can also alternate layers of cake with the red and blue berries and topping. This is like an English trifle and looks very pretty in a clear glass deep trifle bowl.

Vanilla or berry-flavored yogurt is an option for your treat instead of whipped topping. This will make a very creamy dessert.

Another way you could serve your berry berry red white and blue treats is with ice cream. Vanilla ice cream is an obvious choice, but a strawberry, blueberry or mixed berry ice cream will jazz up this dessert.

A mixture of your red and blue berries would also taste marvelous as a topping for cheesecake! You could also easily make a pudding pie of vanilla pudding, available in a fat-free version, in a pre-made graham cracker crust, and top it with your berries.

So, this season, take advantage of all these scrumptious berry berry red white and blue treats in their many variations and enjoy the sweet taste of summer!

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