Party Plan: Bon Voyage Party Considerations

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Do you have a friend or family member who is preparing to take a cruise or a long vacation trip? If you wanted to send them off in style with a grand going-away party, here are some Bon Voyage party considerations to think about:

  • Find out a full itinerary for your guests of honor. Find out everywhere they are going and by what means–cruise, plane, car, bus? Find out what travel company they are using because you may be able to get pamphlets, pictures or other information from them about your friend’s travel destinations.
  • Find out the story behind this trip. Did the guest of honor always dream of this trip? Did the couple take this same trip for their honeymoon fifty years earlier? Is the couple retracing her father’s travels during World War II? Knowing the special story may give you the perfect theme on which to hook your party–“Here We Go Again,” “Follow the Blue Danube,” or “In the Footsteps of Jane Austen.”
  • Choose a theme for your party–it could be based on one of the following: the story of why the honoree is traveling,
    • what the honoree hopes to find on the trip—adventure, courage to travel along, new language skills
    • travel in general–you could use suitcases with travel stickers, toy planes, buses, cars, cruise ships, a globe, passports
    • the country or countries to which your honoree is traveling–photos of landmarks, maps, travel books the music, the food
    • travelogue about where the honoree is traveling
    • the cuisine of the country–you might choose to host the party at a restaurant that serves the food of the country to be visited.
    • the music of the country–a concert of composers’ music from the country, of folk music, by performers from the country
    • a sports event like a soccer game where one of the teams is from the country being visited
    • an interactive event like a folk dance lesson, a cooking class, or a language lesson
    • a trip to the airport or the pier to cheer the travelers on their way
  • Offer some party activities related to the theme–trivia contests with questions about the countries to be visited; guessing games about the county, its music, art and landmarks, and history; photo booth where guests have their photos taken with the honoree while holding a sign with a personalized wish for the trip.
  • Tie into the country being visited with an appropriate musical playlist and foods and drinks that give everyone a taste of the honoree’s travels. If you are not sure what to offer, check on the internet for suggestions and recipes.
  • Give your honoree travel-related going-away gifts–a travel journal, mini-tape recorder for recording experiences, small digital camera if the honoree doesn’t have a smart phone, electric current adaptors, space bags, or other travel items.

Your loved one’s special trip will be even more memorable when he or she has a great Bon Voyage party to kick it off! Enjoy!


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