Party Pointer: More Water Games for Childrens Parties

Summer is the perfect time to play outdoor games at your child’s next party, and water is the perfect element to make your outdoor games more fun.  Last week, I shared water games that could be played in a pool or a backyard with a sprinkler, hose or water balloons.  Here are more water games for childrens parties to play for lots of cool fun!

Leaking Luck: Players form a circle and toss a water balloon with a small hole in it  around from one to another. The player who is the one left holding the balloon when its water runs out is out of luck and must leave the circle. The game continues with new water balloons as players are caught, and the last player with a balloon with water in it is the winner.

Jump Rope Splash: Have two players turn a large jump-rope, and have two other players ready to jump in, each with a full cup of water. These players jump with the cups in their hands, trying not to spill the water. At the end of two minutes, the player with the most water in his/her cup wins. Let other pairs of players, including the rope-turners, take their turns, and then have a play-off with the winners in each pair. The player who holds on to the most water wins.

Water Balloon Dodgeball: Prepare five water balloons for each player and place them into two plastic tubs for your two teams of players. The two teams spread out facing each other along two long lines made of masking tape about ten feet apart. At the starting whistle, all players begin to throw their water balloons at the members of the other team. Any player hit with a water balloon is out, and the last player who has not been hit is the winner.

Sprinkler Freeze: Place a water sprinkler out in an open space, and stand where you can turn it off and on. The players move around the sprinkler area, jumping, dancing and taking funny poses. When you turn the sprinkler on, all players should freeze in position, and they will get wet until the sprinkler is turned off for the game to continue.

Water Balloon Carving: Prepare about 15 skinny little water balloons per player and have a water source and hose, paper plates and plastic dinner knifes. Divide players into two teams, and place them at the opposite ends of a table. Place five balloons on a plate with a plastic knife in front of each team. When you blow the starting whistle, the first player on each team grabs the knife and tries to carve and puncture his or her balloon. Each player must carve five balloons, before passing the knife to the next player on his team. The first team to complete its carving tasks wins.

Water Spill: Give each player a plastic cup filled with water, a plastic spoon and a dark-colored piece of construction paper. Space out the players in a long line with their pieces of paper about two feet in front of them.  At the starting whistle, all players will spoon out the water in their cups, one spoon at a time and try to wet their pieces of paper with the water. Don’t try to toss the water in the cup all at once–play by the rules and use the spoons. The player will the wettest piece of paper at the end of a minute wins.

Water Relay: Divide players into two teams. The first player on each team begins with a plastic cup full of water, and at the starting whistle, pours the water over his or her head. The second player in line tries to catch the water in his or her cup and then pours it over his or her head for the third player to catch. This continues until the last player catches the water of the player ahead. The team who finishes first could be the winner, or the winner could be the team with the most water in its last player’s cup.

Water Hose Limbo: Find a lively limbo song to play on your phone while the players line up to go under the limbo stick–except your players will be going under a strong stream of water from your hose. The players walk forward under the water stream bending backside to avoid getting wet. Players continue taking turns as the water stream is held at lower and lower levels. The player who is the most flexible going under the water is the winner.

Water Balloon Obstacle Course: Make sure you have plenty of room for the obstacle course and lots of water balloons prepared. Set up your obstacles first–things to run around, over, under and through .  Divide the players into teams. The first players on each team put a water balloon under their chins, and at the starting whistle, they proceed through the course trying not to break their balloons. If a player’s balloon bursts, he/she must go back to the start, get a new water balloon and start the course again. The first team of players to complete the course with all balloons intact is the winner.

Wet Batting Practice: Borrow several plastic baseball bats, and fill a tub with lots of water balloons. Make sure you set up in a open area, and for safety’ sake, make sure no one gets in the batter’s way. Let players take turns being the batter and pitcher. The pitcher tosses water balloons to the batter who will try to hit them with the bat.

Soggy Sweatpants Relay: Divide the players into two teams, and give each team a bucket of water with a pair of oversized sweatpants in it. The first player on each side soaks the sweatpants in the bucket and puts them on. He or she runs to the designated end spot and then runs back and takes off the sweatpants. The second player soaks the sweats again, puts them on and takes off running. The first team to finish the relay wins.

Water Balloon Pinatas: Fill up large water balloons and tie them on a strong line tied up between two trees above the height of most of the players. Provide a lightweight stick, and let the players hit at the water balloons until they burst. Make sure no one swings the stick if anyone is in the way.

Water Balloon Target Practice: On a paved driveway or concrete patio, use sidewalk chalk to draw several round archery-like targets, and have the players toss water balloons from a designated distance to hit the targets. You can assign point values to the various rings of the targets, and let the players take turns and then add the points to determine the winner.

Splat: On a paved driveway or concrete patio, place a large tub of water balloons about the same size.  Line up your players, and have sidewalk chalk and a measuring tape on hand. Let each player take a turn holding a water balloon up high and dropping it firmly on the hot surface–the aim is to make the biggest wet spot possible. Once the water has spread, take the chalk and draw the outline of the spot, putting the player’s initials by it. Then measure the spot at its widest point. The player with the largest water spot to his or her credit is the winner.

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