Tablescape: Baby Blue Baby Shower

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If you are hosting a baby shower or a grandmother shower, you may want to check out the ideas for this baby blue baby shower for a boy which could just as easily be switched out to be a pink perfection shower for a girl. I was recently lucky enough to be invited to attend this shower for a lovely young couple expecting their first child together. The hostess went all out to make this shower a special experience for the couple and all in attendance.When we arrived, her front porch set the scene for the special shower. The candles and the baby carriage let you know you were in store for a special baby blue party.

Before you even entered the house, you knew that a boy baby was the theme of the day.

In the foyer, our hostess had the party invitation on an easel by a blue candle.

The blue and white invitation was so attractive, and it set the tone for the baby shower in color and attractiveness. Note that the blue votive candle is in a baby food jar–what a cute touch!

As guests arrived, the hostess steered us into the dining room to partake of her marvelous refreshments–cheese ball and crackers, spiced nuts, a hot shrimp appetizer (on a unseen table to the right), the chocolate fountain with fruit and cake dippers and of course, the amazing decorated cake. Notice how she raised some of the items on her buffet table and covered everything with a lovely white lace tablecloth.

Everything our hostess had prepared was delicious. This cheese ball with pecans on top was wonderful, as was her shrimp appetizer and spiced nuts. And I don’t know how she could bear to cut that beautiful blue and white tiered cake.

The chocolate fountain was ready for the fresh sugared strawberries, banana pieces and chunks of pound cake to be dipped in. This was a particular favorite of the younger guests who enjoyed spearing their fruit and cake in the chocolate!

In her kitchen the hostess had the party beverages on a table with glasses and ice. She had sprinkled blue and clear glass flat marbles over her white tablecloth and had several blue votive candles for color and ambience.

Once all the guests had arrived and had time to enjoy some of the food and drink, we moved into the family room where all the baby gifts had been taken. The diaper cake was a practical decoration on a table in the party space. Of course, all the pretty wrappings and gift bags also lent a very festive look to the room.The hostess has a few fun games for the guests to play before the parents-to-be opened the gifts. For example, each guest took a little blue napkin folded and pinned like a diaper, which held sugared honey-roasted peanut. One of the diaper held something special in it qualifying that guest as the winner. The hostess also wrapped up some favorite children’s books she read to her grandchildren, who have now outgrown them, to share with the new grandparents-to-be to read to the new baby. How thoughtful!Look at the cute “cupcakes” she made of coiled blue and white washcloths for the baby This one is being held up by the new baby’s eight-year-old half-brother who is proud to wear a ribbon that says, “Big Brother-to-Be.”The variety and practicality of all the gifts for the new baby was remarkable. This was an outstanding baby shower prepared by a most loving hostess. Her own joy in creating this experience for the parents-to-be and the guests was evident, and everyone in attendance had a grand time. Hope you have seen some ideas that you might adapt for a baby shower you are giving!

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