DIY Project: Baby Shoe Shower Favor

Baby clothes are always fascinating–especially to those who don’t have to wash them frequently! The small size of everything–the little knit caps, the little sleeves and leggings on one-piece pajamas and suits, the tiny bootees–they are so-oo cute. Another item of clothing that fascinate are little baby shoes. Now they come in so many styles–sandals, Mary Janes, sneakers and so many more.

But the ones that catch my attention the most are the traditional white baby shoes that have been worn by young children for decades. These are the kind of shoes that parents and grandparents used to bronze as remembrances of their children’s early days. My youngest brother in his hard-soled white baby shoes broke my aunt’s nose accidentally when she was changing his diapers. Therefore, I was thrilled that they were making these same shoes with softer soles when my children came along.I still love the look of these traditional shoes, and now I have an easy baby shoe shower favor that you can make for a baby shower or grandmother shower. Several years ago, one of my very creative friends who is a preschool teacher showed me one of these baby shoe favors she made, and I fell in love with the idea. It’s so cute and so easy to make!


All you need are enough eight-ounce Styrofoam cups for the number of favors you need (plus a few more for your experimentation with your first ones.) To make your first shoe, take a cup and using a pair of scissor, cut 1.25 inches from the top of the cup. Then cut down the side of the cup almost to the bottom, and cut another slit two inches over.You can then cut the top of the Styrofoam piece created by the two slits to make it curved–like the tongue of a lace-up shoe. Using a thin screwdriver, or the tip of pointy scissors or a knife, carefully poke a small hole in the two sides of the cup on each side of the “tongue” These two holes will be used to lace the “shoelaces” through. The Styrofoam can easily tear when you poke the holes so be gentle.

I used pieces of blue and pink thin ribbon as my “shoelaces,” and gently pull the laces tight so you can tie a bow. Then I filled my little baby shoes with pink and blue pieces of candy. Voila! These favors take less than thirty minutes to make and are very inexpensive to create.

Your shower guests will ooo and ahhh over your baby shoe favors!


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