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I am part of several organizations who frequently have sign-ups for volunteers, foods to bring for potlucks, people registering for classes and events, people to bring meals to others, and more. We have been using for several years to make our work more efficient and simple, and I recommend that you look into this free service.

SignUpGenius is an online tool for volunteer organizing and event planning. The service provides nonprofit organizations, schools, sports teams or leagues, businesses and groups with an alternative to “reply-all” emails, phone trees and paper sign-ups, and allows group members to sign up for tasks online. SignUpGenius works for both large and small groups, and costs nothing for the basic service.

You might find this service useful for such occasions as school sign-ups like parent-teacher conferences, room mother sign-ups, or book fair volunteers, family reunions, business schedules, volunteer sign-ups, sports events, church and temple events, potluck invitations, fundraising, college activities, scouting events, event registrations, meal-sign-ups or collections for group gifts.sers can choose from a huge array of attractive theme templates for unlimited sign-up sheets, and SignUpGenius lets users customize their online sign-ups to schedule volunteers, fundraise, track volunteer tasks and more. At the same time, email reporting enables coordination by keeping event planners up-to-date on volunteer participation and event details. Video tutorials are available to show users how to create their sign-ups.

Two types of accounts are available: Basic (free) and Pro, which itself comes in three different levels. Pro account users have access to extra features, including custom themes, multiple administrators, no-ads on the sign-ups, volunteer hour tracking/reporting, an email messaging center and more.

Using SignUpGenius allows the person signing up to see who else has volunteered and where more volunteers are needed for an event or service project–that’s a feature that I find very helpful as the administrator of some of my groups’ sign-ups. The participants can see this information without me looking it up on my computer lists. You can create sign-ups with one date or multiple dates, collect payments, and collect personalized responses with a comment section. Participants can go back and edit their own responses if something comes up in their schedules.

When you set up your sign-up page, you get a sign-up URL that you can send through your personal email, via social media or with a linked web button on your group website. SignUpGenius can even send email invitations for you to your group email list. Then your group members simply click on the link from any device and are taken straight to the sign-up page. Many other options are available like follow-up emails, thank-yous, advanced reported on emails opened or click-throughs, or customized confirmations with extra details for the participants by email once they have signed up. SignUpGenius works with popular social media for further publicity.

Check out to see how it might help you with a party or event or how your group might use it.


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