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Ever since I was a little girl, my mother subscribed to Southern Living magazine. She kept the back issues in a chest of my grandmother’s we had–they were just as precious to her as was the chest! I spent hours looking through them, and so it was not surprising that when I got out on my own, I got my own subscription. Now I don’t keep my copies in a chest, but I rip out articles and recipes every month and put them in my party idea binders.

So, to this day, I find Southern Living a source of inspiration–I actually have the latest monthly issue in my tote bag so I can look at it when I have a few minutes free during the day. Of course, now the magazine is available in a digital form for those who prefer that instead of in a print version.

Southern Living is a lifestyle magazine geared to those living in the South featuring recipes and entertaining articles, home decorating ideas and house plans, gardening tips and plans, lifestyle articles, and information about Southern culture and travel.  You can learn about places to visit on your travels in the South, seasonal gardening ideas, ideas for improving the look of and decorating your home. You can get entertaining tips from veteran party-givers. You learn about cooking from their cooking school experts and find fabulous recipes you will want to try. And all of these are illustrated with terrific full-color photographs.

Gardening articles can vary from how to do simple flower arrangements, ideas for container gardening, different ways to use a specific flower or plant, ways to display indoor plants, landscaping tips, how to create an outdoor living space on your patio with plantings, forcing bulbs indoor in the winter, or how to treat various plant problems. The container garden ideas always inspire me since my green thumb doesn’t extend far so a container mini-garden is just my style!

Home décor articles might give ideas for renovating your entranceway, improving your curb appeal, decorating your children’s room, new ways to organize your closets, upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, and more. Southern Living sponsors a yearly idea house with partner vendors which include many trending decorating ideas to inspire you.  They also show many seasonal decorating ideas for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

The entertaining tips and recipes included every month are always so appealing. Even if you are not much of a cook, you won’t be able to resist how wonderful some of the dishes look and will want to try them. They also have holiday and party recipes that you can use in your entertaining–many of my favorite recipes were found in Southern Living!  The publisher also puts out an annual hardcover book, Christmas with Southern Living, that features all sorts of holiday decorating and cooking ideas shown in full-color photographs that are truly inspiring.

You can go to their website to see more of the content you will find in their magazine and for subscription information.




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