Recipe: Teddy Bear Strawberry Treats

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Rocking horses, alphabet building blocks, bouncing balls, and teddy bears are all familiar icons of childhood. So when you are decorating or planning a baby shower or child’s birthday party menu, any of those icons might be used. A favorite toy of both my sons when they were little was a teddy bear, so I am always drawn to teddy bears ideas.

This party recipe is so simple and healthful that I highly recommend it. Juicy red strawberries with a squirt of whipped cream and cute teddy bear cookies on top makes tasty treats for all ages.

If you are not familiar with Teddy Grahams, they are little graham cracker cookie snacks shaped like teddy bears created by Nabisco. They come in two shapes: bears with arms up and legs closed, and bears with legs open and arms down.

Teddy Bear Strawberry Treats


1 quart whole fresh strawberries

1 can of whipped cream

1 box of Teddy Graham cookies


Wash the strawberries, and on a cutting board, slice the green tops off of them with a paring knife. Set the strawberries on their flat tops with the pointed ends up on the cutting board. Then slice downward almost all the way through each strawberry twice, forming an X–you do not want to cut the strawberry in half. Spread open the points of the strawberries so you can spray the whipped cream into each.

Shake your can of whipped cream and spray it into each strawberry with a flourish at the top. Then place a Teddy Graham cookie in to the top so it will stand up. Do this for all your strawberries and place them on a plate or platter to serve.

You need to serve these treats quickly because the whipped cream melts quickly–I would suggest that you pass these to your guests. I would also suggest that you prepare your strawberries and have your Teddy Grahams ready to insert prior to your party and add the whipped cream just as you are ready to pass them.

One quart of strawberries will probably yield about 25 strawberries. Each strawberry treat is bite-sized. You’ll want several bites or more! Enjoy!


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