Party Pointers: Adult Birthday Party Pointers

If you are planning a celebration for your special friend’s special day, check out these adult birthday party pointers for ideas that you might be able to use:
• Display old photos of the birthday honoree for decorations. Create a collage for the cake table, or make a game of it by having guests guess what year the pictures were taken.
• Scan an old graduation or yearbook picture of the honoree to use as invitation artwork. You could chose to go all out by making that era the theme of the party–have a 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s party.
• Match your invitation tone with the planned party atmosphere. Save phrases such as “you are cordially invited” for formal weddings and anniversary parties, and casual phrases such as “join the fun” for informal birthday parties.
• If you don’t want to create your own invitation, you can find many great colorful and clever e-vites online.
• Include such information as what to wear, how long the party will last, ideas for gifts and whether guests need to bring any gear, if the party is focused on an event or specific activity.
• Welcome guests with a “meet and greet” crew of a few family members or friends. Your support team can also assist with last-minute food prep and can initiate games and activities.
• Make buttons or badges from pictures of the birthday guy or gal at different stages in life for guests to wear. Let guests choose from among baby pictures, yearbook pictures and candid snapshots.
• Prepare a party playlist of the honoree’s favorites to create a festive party atmosphere.
• Combine humor with gifts the birthday honoree can use. For example, put a gift certificate or theater tickets inside a funny card or inexpensive gag gift.
• If your honoree is an active sort, consider having his/her favorite craft or sport activity for all the guests to participate in.
• If you’re hosting a jewelry-making party or other event where you ask fellow enthusiasts to contribute supplies, be sure to have extra materials on hand for guests who may be new to the activity.
• If you plan to celebrate by taking the party to a sporting event, make sure guests respond before you purchase tickets. To streamline your budget. check with your team about their group rates and special promotions.
• If you need extra seating at home for the party, ask guests to bring lawn chairs. These are perfect for socializing after backyard volleyball or baseball, and you can use them indoors to watch a big game.
• Consult your favorite writers, poets and lyricists for inspiration for a party toast to the honoree. A well-chosen quote can make as much of an impact as a toast you authored yourself.
• Write your toast on a note card and set it on your chair or on the mantel ahead of time so you won’t misplace it.






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