Tablescape: Halloween UR Spiders Tailgate

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If you are hosting a tailgate party for your fellow fans for your favorite team at a game near October 31, you may want to use a Halloween theme. This Halloween UR Spiders tailgate may give you ideas that you can adapt to your tailgate decorations.The University of Richmond’s team name is the Spiders which makes it very apropos for a Halloween theme since spiders are a traditional holiday icon. Because UR’s colors are red and blue, I started with a red tablecloth for my portable banquet table which I would use for the party food. Over it I layered a clear plastic Halloween tablecloth with spider webs all over it–I found this at a local chain drug store.

To pick up on the spider theme, I created a sign on foamcore board to sit up on a tabletop easel. The board is covered with blue paper and the message “Get caught in the web of Spider Spirit” was spelled out in cardstock bulletin board letters, available at most office supply and craft stores. I used Halloween spider webbing around the edging of the sign for more connection with the spider theme. Notice that there is even a small black plastic spider on the sign,The final tie-in with spiders was the plastic spider garland I found in a local craft store and cut in half to hand down both sides of my min-van hatchback door.When you attach your garlands to your car, remember to use a low-tack masking tape that won’t hurt your vehicle’s paint.Think about your team’s name and colors and try to apply those to a Halloween theme. Even if your team colors aren’t in the normal Halloween range, you can usually use black or white to coordinate. The black color can go with a dark evil theme and the white can go with a ghostly or ethereal spirit theme. Come up with a theme message that ties your team into Halloween–“Our Team Will Strip Our Opponents to Bare Bones” for a skeleton theme,  “Our Team Will Squash Our Opponents Like Pumpkins,” or “Our Team Will Haunt Our Opponents.” Walk through the Halloween department of your local discount stores and imagine how the different decorations might work for your tailgate and your team. Unleash your creativity, and enjoy!

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