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I am going to confess to a nerdy collection I had as a child–I collected paper napkins. A friend in my neighborhood gave me some pretty paper napkins that her mother had used for a party, and I was hooked. Whenever I came across pretty napkins at parties I went to, I saved m y napkin to put in the shirt box I had my collection in. There’s not much you can do with a collection like this except to look at on occasions, but looking at my napkins always got me thinking about designing beautiful tables.

Eventually, I graduated to buying interesting packages of napkins in college, and when I got my first apartment, I started collecting cloth napkins. I now have a five-drawer chest full of wonderful solid and print napkins to use for virtually any occasion.

So since I have all these cloth napkins, I needed to learn some interesting napkin folds to use. So I found the perfect book to help me–celebrity event planner David Stark’s Napkins with a Twist, which features interesting napkins that can enhance your tablescapes.

From everyday occasions  to evening events, children’s parties to sophisticated affairs, an intriguing napkin fold makes any table a visual treat. Traditional folds such as the Tuxedo Fold, together with Stark’s own imaginative designs—including the Fortune Cookie and Sushi Roll folds—make setting the table fun. I especially love his kite fold for a children’s party and the nautical boat, seen below.

Stark includes folds from Buckingham Palace and the Kennedy White House, New York’s Pierre and Napa Valley’s French Laundry, reveal how royalty, the rich and famous, the world’s legendary restaurants, all put just the right touches on their signature starched linens.

Along with its array of napkin folds, Napkins with a Twist is full of useful tips, how-to lists, etiquette reminders, table settings, and surprising suggestions for how a napkin fold can become the starting point for designing an entire occasion. Check out this book for ways to use your napkins as table decorations.

This book is available online.

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