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Craft book author Laura Dover Doran has made her Halloween guide, The Big Book of Halloween, good fun, offering a little bit of everything for both adults and children. Holiday ideas with easy-to-follow instructions and full-color photographs are provided in the chapters–Devilish Decorations, Spooky Lighting, Eerie Edibles, Clever Costumes, and Frightening Fun.

Doran has pulled together the work of thirty designers to provide her readers projects from which to choose. Projects include gravestones or little children ghosts for your yard, door-side tall fall topiaries and fall porch crate, vampire painted doormat, gourd string lights, and soda can votives. Sewing projects include several needlepoint items and hats, a woven-ribbon vest, a table-runner and tote-bag.

A Mexican paper-cutting skull banner, pattern provided, would be a perfect decoration for a Halloween or Day of the Dead party. The table centerpiece made with thrift-store spoons, painted with pumpkin faces and bent to hang over tree branches, would bring oohs and ahhs from your guests. The best children’s party game is a Halloween version of Twister, made with paper holiday motifs glued on a clear plastic shower curtain to create the game board.

The children’s costumes included are cute but traditional—skeleton, dragon and pirate. The simple adult costumes were far more memorable—the bubble bath costumes made with white balloons, the fish tank costume made with a large box, the picnic table costume made with a large cardboard piece as the tabletop, and the grocery bag and popcorn bag costumes made with large bags. These could also be adapted for children to wear.

The party foods sound tasty, look festive and appear easy to make. The frightening foods section tells you how to make all sorts of scary items out of normal foods. The haunted house cake, decorated with cookie and candy, is really cute and would be fun to do with children to use as a table centerpiece.

Halloween history and trivia, including an article on vintage Halloween collectibles, is layered throughout the book as are eight modern ghost stories that could be shared in storytelling sessions at parties or haunted houses.

Have a haunting good time this Halloween! Enjoy!

This book is available online.

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