Tablescape: Fall Ruffled Placemat Tablesetting

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Are you always on the lookout for attractive ways to set your dinning table for your family and friends? Check out this fall ruffled placemat tablesetting for an easy idea!

I have many round straw placemats in a multitude of colors–red, blue, white, lime green, orange, purple, turquoise, black, yellow and hot pink. They can be found in most house good sections of department and discount stores for about two dollars a piece or less. They make very good bases on which to build tablesettings. But recently they have begun making ruffled placemats of the same straw braid and colors as the plain round placemats. I couldn’t resist buying a set of them especially when I came across this orangey-red color because I knew they would look great with a number of cloth napkins and plates that I have. One thing to remember is that you can’t stack these placemats with other round mats because you don’t want to smash the ruffles. You can, however, stack the ruffled placemats together.

The vibrant color of the placemats pulled out the same color of some of the flowers in this set of brown floral print cotton napkins I had. Since my good china is white, I am always looking for bright-colored placemats and napkins to jazz up the look of the table. The white dinner plate shows up well on top of this ruffled placemat, and the print napkins placed on top of the plate gave more color to its plainness. I used tan beaded napkin rings with the napkins.

Notice that I placed the flatware on the plate beside the napkins because the ruffle in the placemat doesn’t give you room to place them (Unless they are placed under the rim of the plate.) You could also roll your flatware in your napkins, secure them with large napkin rings or ribbons, and place them on top of your plate. You might also place the rolled napkin with the flatware in a tall glass at each placesetting.The centerpiece I used for this simple table are fall flowers with wheat stalks. There are orange lilies, yellow sunflowers, yellow yarrow and red chrysanthemums with baker’s fern and other greenery. These came in a taller pre-mixed bouguet, but I cut them down for a shorter arrangement in a clear glass square vase that you could see over while sitting at the dinner table.

I just love those strong fall colors! The wheat stalks give the flowers a bit of a harvest look.

The colors and the flowers I used are really the only things that make this a fall tablesetting–you could certainly do the same thing with different colors and flowers. Votive candles could also have been added around the base of the flowers for a more cozy tablesetting.

So keep your eyes open for some ruffled placemats that coordinate with your dishes and set a lovely table effortlessly! Enjoy!

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