Tablescape: Halloween Jack O Lantern Tablescape

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If you want to set a fun and festive holiday table for your family and friends, check out this Halloween jack o lantern tablescape for some ideas you can try. This is a tablesetting you can use throughout October.On a bare dining room table, I started with round purple straw placemats that have silver flecks in them–these came from the Christmas Tree Shop and work for other holidays as well as Halloween. I could have used another color, but the purple placemats picked up on the purple hat band and bow of the table favor. I used my plain white china and clear glass drinking glasses. I had also found these cute lightweight wire jack-o-lantern faces at the Christmas Tree Shop. I am not certain what the manufacturer had in mind for them, but I immediately knew that they would be great as individual table favors or ornaments that could be hung on a door wreath, door, or window. When I laid the colored jack-o-lantern face on my white plate, it looked a little wimpy. So I cut a large orange circle from a piece of scrapbook paper to go under the ornament, and that took care of the color issue. (When your guests remove the ornaments from their plates to take home, they can also remove the paper circle at the same time).

Black cloth napkins seemed an appropriate choice to pick up on the color of the black hat and facial features of the jack-o-lantern. I decided to put the napkins in the drinking glasses for fun, which, of course, a guest would remove after sitting down and water or tea would be poured at that time. I also used orange glass wine glasses for more color.The centerpiece I used is totally simple to put together. I had a lightweight glitter jack-o-lantern faux pumpkin bought for another occasion that seemed to be perfect for this table. I also had some tiny glitter pumpkins from a different occasion that went well with the larger pumpkin. Then I used four orange votive candles in clear glass holders for color and atmosphere.

Note that I have used a woven wooden flat plaque under the jack-o-lantern inside of just sitting the pumpkin on the tabletop. You might have a rattan or wooden charger that would work in the same way. This is an extra, not a necessity.Now you might create your own tablescape using a different color scheme or even a different Halloween motif like a skeleton, ghost, witch or bat. See how creative you can be! But make sure to enjoy the season and your table companions!



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