Party Plan: NaNoWriMo Write In Party

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A NaNoWriMo Write In party?!?

No, this is not a foreign word from another culture. NaNoWriMo is a short version of saying “National Novel Writing Month.” NaNoWriMo is for anyone who has ever thought about writing a novel.  On November 1, participants begin writing with the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel by November 30. While achieving the goal

By going to the National Novel Writing Month website,, you can sign in as a participant and record your daily word count. You will find much inspiration for your writing from published authors and can learn how to connect with others in your area who are participating. Last year, over 400,000 writers took part.

If you have friends who are into NaNoWriMo, hosting a write-in party would be great fun! Everyone can motivate and inspire each other by writing at the same time in the same place with some great refreshments to enjoy.

Email invitations to your writing buddies would be the best way to be in touch, since these folks are found on their computers writing. A write-in party is designed to provide guests time to write in a conducive atmosphere with other friends doing the same thing. Choose an evening, morning or afternoon time frame of several hours so writers can get on a roll. Make the arrival and departure times fluid, so that guests can fit this into their busy schedules by coming and going as they have to. Make this a come-as-you-like-to-write party–comfy sweats, socks and slippers–whatever is comfortable.

Arrange for your family and pets to be visiting elsewhere during the write-in so the writers can concentrate. In your invitation, remind your guests to bring their own headsets if they need music in order to write, so as not to disturb others who need quiet. Try to set up “writing stations” in your home for your guests to use as they settle in to work–comfortable chairs, table space, TV trays, and good lighting. If possible, turn these stations away from each other as much as you can, so guests can have private spaces with few distractions from other people’s movements.

You may organize your party in several different ways. You may greet your guests and have them get refreshments to take to their writing stations to enjoy while they work. You could also let guests get right down to work and have a refreshment table that they can access as they need to take a break. Make that space separate from where others are still writing.You may also save the refreshments for the end of the party when all your guests can come together to talk about the progress of their work.

Your refreshments menu should be something easy that can be served at room temperature because trying to keep food warm throughout the party is too difficult. Finger foods on a dessert plate or in a bowl are easier to carry back to guests’ writing stations. Avoid foods that are greasy– they might leave residue on guests’ computer keys or your upholstered furniture. Cups of snack mix are great for nibbling while thinking about what to write next.

This kind of party could be done for a group of teen writers at a school or community center. To stimulate writing creativity, you could do some writing activities as a group before participants started working on their own writing projects. Writing sprints are one example where everyone writes as fast as they can for a specific time period. Another type of writing activity is a prompt which is an open-ended story idea that the participants finish in a designated time frame.

Encouraging written creativity in all ages is important, and what better way to do this than to have a party? Enjoy!


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