Party Plan: Adopt a Christmas Family Party

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If you believe that Christmas is all about giving–especially to those in need–you might want to consider hosting an Adopt a Christmas Family party in your home or at your church or civic group’s meeting place. The good feelings you will find in helping a family will last far beyond the holidays.

Most communities’ social services departments, school guidance departments and churches have access to families who would appreciate help at the holidays. If these organizations have guidelines to follow about the types of gifts, wrapping of gifts or the delivery of such, please follow these recommendations, because they are there for a reason. You wouldn’t want a worthy family to miss out on getting the gifts you bought, because you didn’t follow the rules.

If your guest list is large, adopt two families!

Once you have your adopted family and the gift requests they have, it’s time to invite your friends to participate! You might want to send an e-vite to your friends and use an Internet service like which allows your guests to see what each family member needs and if that item has already been taken by another guest. As the time before your party goes by, you can see where you are in your gift purchases and where you or others might need to fill in. You don’t want to be overloaded on one family member’s gifts and make other family members feel bad.

Let your guests know if they will be wrapping their gifts at your home or party venue, or if they should bring their gifts wrapped and labeled to the party. Set up clearly marked spaces in your home for the gifts for different family members so your guests can put their items together. Wrapping together can be fun, but if you are short on time and space, ask them to bring the gifts ready to turn in.

Once you have gotten all the work of the gift-giving for your adopted family done, it’s time for you and your guests to get into the Christmas spirit and party! Make sure you have a lively playlist of holiday songs playing throughout your party to keep guests dancing and singing along.

You might want to have some holiday games for the young ones ready if children are included. You could have a milk and cookies bar with cute decorated sweets for the children (or everyone!) A Christmas cocktail or punch is a festive way to mellow out the evening, or a hot chocolate bar with add-your-own holiday accompaniments would be fun. Pizza and other easy appetizers would satisfy your guests because they will already be feeling good about helping a Christmas family!

Be sure to get your gifts to the family or assigning agencies by the requested date! Enjoy the experience!

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