Party Pointer: NO FUSS Approach to Holiday Decorating

The No Fuss Approach to Holiday Decorating on a Shoestring


Note where in your home and yard you’d like to decorate. Note the style of your home, your furniture, your china and your décor so that you can select holiday decorations that will enhance your home.

Observe the kinds of decorations you like in magazines, catalogs, stores, and other people’s homes.  Cut out pictures of the décor you like and keep a file of them for future reference.


Focus on what you would like to achieve in your decorating.  Do you want to blend with the current surroundings, zing the status quo, or give a totally different look?  A theme for your decorating or entertaining will help you focus your ideas for the maximum effect.

Use what you have.  Check out the holiday décor or entertaining supplies you already have to avoid buying what you don’t need and so that you might buy something special to expand what you have.  You may also see a new way to use something you already have.  Making an inventory list so that you can remember what you have would be helpful.

Shop wisely!  You might first want to make a scouting expedition to check out and make notes on the current holiday décor available in the store and their prices before buying any items.  Then compare your notes on possible purchases to your home inventory—be certain you have room t o store the items you want to buy and consider if the items can be used for any other occasions.  Be selective!  At this point, you are ready to purchase the decorations you are really excited about using

Start decorating!  You can put your everyday decorative items in the storage containers you have for your holiday items—then they are right at hand when you eventually taken down your beautiful seasonal décor.


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