Tablescape: Fall Feathers Tablesetting

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Traditionally for fall and Thanksgiving, we think of using the colors of orange, rust, brown and yellow which reflect the colors of falling leaves, harvested wheat, and pumpkins and gourds. But in the last few years in stores we are seeing more metallic colors, especially bronze and gold, in use for decorative and tabletop items. I had been pondering for a year how I would use those colors in a tablescape, ever since a friend of mine had given me a bronze ceramic pumpkin container she had received with a fall flower arrangement in it.

So, when I saw these silk bronze and gold fall feathers bushes at Michaels, I knew I had to have them. The colors were perfect to go with the bronze pumpkin, and the bendable feathers are an attention-getting accessory since you usually expect to find tree branches with leaves or fall flowers at this time of year. So here I am to show you my fall feathers tablesetting.

I didn’t want to cut the individual feathers from each bush, so I decided to use two tall clear glass cylinder vases for them. Since I was setting a table for two, I knew that these vases would not block the view of the eaters since they would be sitting side by side instead of across the table from one another. I crushed a large piece of gold foil wrapping paper to go in each the vase since no water was necessary for the feather bush. Then I pinned a piece of light bronze wired ribbon with a thin gold edging across the vase for additional color–I used straight pins, but you could just as easily use glue or double-sided tape. 

Once I fixed my two vases, I told my bronze ceramic pumpkin and placed it between the vases. In the pumpkin, I poured pinecones and acorns  which I had bought at the craft store as a fall filler assortment. Some of the pinecones had been dipped in orange glitter and colored in bronze tones. To this, I added some faux fall leaves in natural colors and some in bronzy metallic tones. I put some of these items on the tabletop around the pumpkin which gives the centerpiece a more natural look.With my centerpiece complete, I decided to use black pleated rectangular placemats with my white dinner china. The strength of the black against the wooden tabletop and the white dishes grounded the tablesetting. I placed my shiny satiny-look crinkle polyester napkins on top of the white dishes where they would show up well. To cinch the napkins, I used fancy white and gold beaded napkin rings from Pier 1.

I frequently try two versions of my tablescapes to see how they look done with different accessories. Sometimes I am quite surprised at one look, and other times, I like my original best. To give my first table a slightly different look, I swapped out the bronze napkins for black ones with a thin gold edging. The gold edging coordinates with the napkin rings.

The black napkins look fine, but I think I like the bronze ones best because they add more color contrast for the whole tablescape.If you don’t have a bronze ceramic pumpkin, you could put your fall filler in a large clear glass bowl as I did here. The browns and bronzes of the pine cones pick up on the tabletop color and the faux feathers.So this is an easy tablesetting that can dress up the look of a fall or Thanksgiving dinner party table with its more unusual color scheme and the fancy napkins and napkin rings. Try it and enjoy!

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