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In just a few weeks, Thanksgiving will be coming fast upon you and you will be busy planning and shopping for your family feast. At the last minute you might realize you don’t have a centerpiece and are too tired to feel creative. This is where a Thanksgiving centerpiece prop will come in handy–start looking now for a turkey figure or Pilgrim figures that would look good with your holiday dishes and linens and buy it to be a family heirloom but more than that, as a handy-dandy centerpiece.

This turkey centerpiece holiday tablescape might give you some ideas of how a prop might work. Since all my friends know how much I love setting a pretty table for every occasion, they frequently buy me seasonal props they see that I might use in a tablescape. This bronze, gold and green satiny turkey was one such gift. He is a very elegant-looking fellow so he would work perfectly on a more formal table.I am always with my large extended family for Thanksgiving Day, so I frequently have small Thanksgiving dinner parties just before the big day for my friends who don’t get together with family or who will be away on the holiday weekend. My “shiny” turkey makes a perfect centerpiece for this kind of occasion.

A white fabric tablecloth sets a crisp and classic groundwork for my tablescape. Then I used some knitted green placemats to add color. The turkey has the same shade of green in it. To add a bit more variety, I turned the placemats lengthwise so that they hung over the edge of the table. Rectangular placemats often overlap at the top corners when used on a round table, so this is a cure for that issue.

Then I used green and gold cloth napkins, both with a little sheen to them, to jazz up my plain white dinner plates. I laid each gold napkin on a flat surface and laid the green napkin diagonally over it. Then I picked up the two layers of napkins in their centers and pulled the centers through the round brass napkin ring I had decided to use. This gives you a nice, fluffed out look to the napkins which coordinated with the turkey centerpiece.

Once you have added the flatware,the glassware, and the coffee cups, there is not a lot of extra space on my dining room table. I always serve the plates of my guests in the kitchen and bring them out, or I set up a buffet on the kitchen table for them to serve themselves. So a small centerpiece like the shiny turkey is perfect. It is not too big for the center space on the table, it is not too tall for the guests to see and talk over.

I surrounded the turkey with four small gold votive candles in clear glass holders for warmth and elegance since this was a dinner and not a lunch.The second time I used this tablesetting for a different group of friends, I added three golden quail figures I had purchased at the thrift store. My turkey did not have to stand alone this time–I think he was happier to have some friends.So, as you can see, a holiday centerpiece prop can be a very helpful item to keep on hand. Most craft stores and home goods stores carry inexpensive seasonal holiday decorative items that make wonderful centerpieces. I have a collection of items that work at Easter, Memorial Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas–you can use a little greenery, fall leaves, jelly beans, or candy corn at the base of the decoration and add some candles if you like, and you are good to go!  Enjoy your holidays at tables set to enhance the celebration.

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