Party Plan: Christmas Movie Marathon Open House

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Do you like to stay home on holiday weekends to enjoy your home all decorated with its Christmas finery? Do you want to snuggle in to enjoy time with your family? But how can you manage this and still find time to visit with your friends?

Well, why not invite them over to enjoy a Christmas movie marathon open house? This kind of casual all-day party allows your friends to drop by to visit throughout the day at their convenience for as long as they can stay.

Create a movie timeline for your open house day—you can check the Internet for lists of favorite holiday movies. Choose the films you like best and then accumulate your choice of DVD’s from your friends or your library or check NetFlix. Make certain to have a mix of shorter and longer films, kiddie cartoons and full-length family films.

I love White Christmas, the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Scrooge, and The Polar Express, to name just a few. What are your favorites?

Type up a movie menu with screening times to include in your invitation for your guests. Explain that this is a laid-back “drop in, stay as long as you like” party. Then put on your jeans or sweats and slippers and settle in to see who comes by.

The prep for this kind of open house is quite easy—just get your family room, bathroom, kitchen and dining room clean, dust off the tv screen, line up your films, and get your party menu ready.

Set up your food and beverages in a separate area or room so that your movie-watching guests are not disturbed while enjoying a movie. Pretty Christmas paper plates and napkins as well as disposable cups will make your food table attractive and easy to clean up at the end of the evening.

Your party menu needs to be simple and something that is appropriate across the length of a day. For food safety purposes, you can’t leave the same food out all day, but if you prepare small platters of each item, you only need to bring out one at a time while the others remain refrigerated.

Mini-muffins and mini-bagels with flavored cream cheeses, donut holes, and a fruit platter make good morning snacks. Later in the day you may want to offer little ham biscuits or make your own mini-party sandwiches. Chips or snack mixes, a platter of raw vegetables and sweet holiday cookies can complete the easy offerings.

You can serve coffee, bottles of water, apple or cranberry juices, tea, and hot chocolate. Put your cold drinks in a large tub of ice or a cooler. Keep your hot drinks in thermos or coffee-makers. If you want, you can serve cold beer, wine or cocktails at the evening end of your open house.

As the host, you shouldn’t have to spend the day in the kitchen—you should be free to visit with your family and friends and watch movies. At some times of the day, you will have more guests than others, but hopefully, your guests will arrive across the course of the day, and time together will be a leisurely pleasure.

May this Christmas movie marathon open house will put you and all your guests in the holiday spirit. Enjoy!

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