Tablescape: New Years Silver Tablesetting

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New Year’s Eve is almost upon us, and with the Christmas rush behind you, you may be thinking about hosting a nice New’ Year gathering for your family and friends. It doesn’t have tp be a big splashy affair–you may just want to have an intimate meal for just two. Regardless of the number attending, you can easily set a special table. Here are several adaptations of a New Years silver tablesetting that may inspire you to your own tablescape.

Here is the first version. I began with a silvery gray shiny placemat I have and used my gray bordered Fitz and Floyd Rondolet china. Then I added a metallic silver cloth napkin pulled through a silver round napkin ring on top of the plain plate for more interest. You could certainly use a tablecloth to complement your china and dining room.

For a second version, | used the same silvery placemat and traded out the gray dishes for plain white dinnerware. Then I used a silver star cotton napkin folded in a square on the dinner plate. On top of the squared napkin I placed a silver star candleholder with a white star candle on it. The candle can be set above the placesetting when it’s time to eat for extra light and ambience.For a third version. I did a different napkin fold with the star design cotton napkins. You can search on the entire internet for all kinds of interesting napkin folds with directions. You might want to experiment with several until you find one that works best for you. Remember that all of these napkin designs in my tablesettings can be done with pretty paper napkins. For a fourth version of the tablesetting, I used a woven white yarn placemat under the tablesetting. For a simple centerpiece for all these versions, I used three square clear glass vases. I love the versatility of square vases, but you can use any kind. In decorating, using odd numbers of items is the best. If you don’t have any vases, check your local thrift store. This is where I pick up all my vases at amazing good prices, but you can also find them at a discount, craft or dollar store. Drinking glasses can also be used as vases.

I placed white and clear glass flat marbles in each vase–these glass marbles are also available in discount, craft and dollar stores. These flat marbles as filler make it simple to stick in any kind of décor. I used silver wooden stars from the dollar store instead of flowers and used more of my white star-shaped votive candles at the base. All of these star items were available with Christmas decorations on clearance.

So, if you are thinking of New Year’s, choose a color scheme and theme–I used silver and stars, but you could use gold, bronze, or another bright festive color. Stars are a favorite motif of mine because you can use them for New Year’s, birthdays, patriotic occasions, graduations and Christmas. I keep a stash of star decorations that I find on clearance and then it’s easy to throw together a pretty table. But you can do this table with party horns, blowers and streamers, instead of stars. So before you go shopping, put on your thinking cap and look at the decorations and linens you have and see what inspires you. Then when you are out getting your party food items, you can pick up whatever decorating items you might want.Enjoy your New Year’s with your favorite people!

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