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If you like to learn from the best, check out Paula Prykes Simple Flowers.

Pryke is a world-renowned florist who has been based in London for nearly thirty years. In 1988 Paula had a dream of opening a little flower shop in Islington. From these humble beginnings, she worked her way up to being one of London’s top florists.

Pryke published her first floral book in 1993 and has now published seventeen which have been translated into many languages. She thinks that Simple Flowers is one of her most personal books because it shows the way she likes to arrange flowers in her own home. She likes letting individual flowers or containers dictate how to use them–Pryke wants the flowers to be the stars.

This book includes chapters on single flowers, mixing flowers, containers, wrapped and tied flowers, and tips on care and maintenance of flowers. Four chapters highlight flowers from each of the four seasons. Over 200 full-color photographs illustrate many ideas for combining and arranging blooms for special containers or as bouquets.

Pryke shows how one or just a few flowers can have an architectural look, how tall stemmed flowers can be made into topiaries, how flower arrangements can be enhanced by the use of tall curly willow stems, how plain vases can be dressed up by wrapping them with fabric and cotton batting, and wrapping leaves and stems around bouquet flower stems for a natural look. She uses candles in some of her arrangements and shows a variety of sizes from oversized to tiny. Pryke uses monochromatic groupings of flowers, two-color groups and marvelous mixed arrangements.

If you love to look at beautiful flowers in luscious colors and to see new ideas for flower arranging, check out Paula Prykes Simple Flowers.

This book is available online.

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