Party Plan: Penguin Party

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What’s black and white and cute as can be? Why, a penguin, of course!

For Christmas and the winter season, a theme party featuring these adorable creatures could be just the thing for children or adults. This special mammal makes a memorable icon on which to build your party decorations, foods and activities. Try hosting a penguin party!

Check your local or online party supplier to see what penguin-themed paper goods they have. The ones you chose will give you an accent color to go with the penguin black and white. Turquoise or light blue works well, as does red, green or yellow. Any of these accent colors can be used as the base color for the party table and other decorations to make the black and white pop.

Once your color scheme is determined, you can begin decorating. A snowy décor would be an easy direction to go—you can find snow and snowflake decorations from most party suppliers. Cotton batting snow which comes in rolls can be cut to drape in room spaces or on tabletops. Snow batting garlands can hang on mantels or shelf edges.

On a blank wall, put up a backdrop in your accent color or a penguin Christmas wrapping paper to be a photo spot. To create penguin props, you can find free penguin printables to pint out on your computer printer and attach to paint sticks or bbq skewers. Have an adult assigned to take photos of the young guests as they sport costume pieces. These can be printed later and sent to the guests.

If you are hosting children, penguin games will keep party guests entertained. If you have snow on the ground on your party day, you may want to have your young guests play outdoors. For snow games, check this post. If you will be indoors, the guests can use their imaginations for games.

Clear out as large an empty area as you can in your party space for these games. For the Penguin Island relay, you need to cut a large “Ice block” out of foam core board for each guest., plus two extra ones, The players have to hop from one end of room to the other and back using only pieces of frozen Penguin Island. The leader puts down an island piece, hops on it, then puts down another island piece in front, hops on it, and so on while the team is hopping on the pieces behind them as they move up the line.

When team members are standing on their last pieces, they pass the piece from the back of the line down to the front. The leader puts down that piece in front of them, and the team members all hop up more space. Then they continue moving a piece from the back to the front until they have completed the relay. First team across the finish line wins.

Another penguin relay that provides lots of laughs has two teams of guests “waddling” to the designated chair with water balloons or a rubber ball between their knees. If a player drops the balloon or ball, he or she has to return to the start and begin again. Have several balloons ready in case some pop.

You can easily adapt this relay by having the players carry different items up and back. For example, set up a bowl of ice cubes at the start line for each team. Set up an empty bowl for each team a few feet away from the starting line. Give each team a spoon. Players must carry the ice cubes, one at a time, from the full bowl to the empty bowl, while waddling like penguins. The first player to fill their empty bowl wins.

Another game involves “feeding the penguin.” Cover a large box with black and white paper to make it look like a penguin. Cut a hole near the top of the box and draw a face around the hole. The hole will be the penguin’s mouth. Tape an orange paper triangle above and below the hole to look like the penguin’s beak. Put the cardboard penguin against a wall. Have guests line up about five feet and give them small, foam balls. The goal is to throw these balls, “the fish, into the penguin’s mouth.

Penguin crafts are fun for guests to make–penguins with empty water bottles, making penguin treats out of Nutter Butter cookies or Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, or building igloos out of sugar cubes. Check Pinterest for ideas.

Films like Penguins of Madagascar, Mr. Popper’s Penguins and Happy Feet are also great to show when your guests finish playing games. You might want to serve refreshments before the film, giving your guests a chance to settle down after the activities and food.

Your penguin buffet table can feature a snowy scene. Use clear or white acrylic tray or large box top covered with foil to create a snow field, and cover with granulated sugar. Sugar cubes from the grocery can be used to build little igloos or snow forts. Mini-marshmallows also can be used as snow. Little penguin figures can set up in the “snow.” Penguin stuffed animals also make great buffet decorations.

Whether the cheery penguin just decorates your holiday table or is the focus of a whole party for your young ones, you should have a wonderful wintry time! Enjoy!

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